Your Small Business Sales Guide To Sourcing Leads

Where is your business without customers, and where are you customers without successful lead generation.

Watch your company tank as you ignore these tactics or watch it rise to greatness as you harness all your acumen and blast it towards sourcing leads! But, how exactly do you do that in this crazy, new market environment?

Sales are the lifeblood of your business, so you’ll want to know how to generate sales leads (such as DUI leads) for business growth. Learn how to source leads and drive sales in this article!

What Is Sourcing Leads?

Traditional marketing methods like email blasts, for example, can be used to bring in customers. The abundance of information and increase in competition is making it a bit harder for companies to engage with, reach, and track potential customers. You need lead generation, or the process of stimulating sales, to create interest and up your sales.

Lead generation is necessary for every type of business, large or small niche leads. B2C or B2B’s alike are you going to see benefits. More than those who simply downloaded your whitepaper, these are untapped resources that are there for the taking, if you have the right techniques!

Rather than having your marketing employees cold calling all day, utilize their time more wisely by tapping into more modern ways of finding leads, generating leads, and knowing lead qualifications. Learn how to nurture leads that are ready to buy.

Purpose of Lead Generation

Increase brand awareness and subsequently generate leads that are actually qualified. Build relationships that get you closer to a deal. Your company will grow and see the revenue you’ve been waiting for. You’ll build credibility and prove yourself a valuable part of your revenue team.

Try to find new, creative avenues for this all-too-important lead generation with the tools you have at hand. There’s so much so-called “static” out there for us to cut through, so we have to focus a bit away from email blasts, mass advertising, and marketers. Build relationships with buyers while keeping a clear view of the modern marketing environment.

Customers are more connected these days, through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and other social media. These people are less likely to respond to what is called “campaign bait”, as you’ve probably noticed! Create content that people actually want in these days of high stimulation tolerance and stand out from the information overload!

Build an Awesome Google My Business Listing

DUI leads are real-time and very popular with the criminal defense sector. They’re an exclusive approach to lead generation using those with the need to contact a lawyer and search actionable terms.

These include transactional keywords like “best DUI lawyer near me” or “best DWI lawyer near me”. Google is the usually first place they check!

Google will show a map of options directing them to locations near them. These listings will pull from the database associated with “Google My Business” which includes business name, phone number, website, address, and reviews. Google determines the rank and relevance of the search and how the criteria correspond to the profiles.

Common Lead Generation Problems

When you’re generating leads, consider the breakthrough improvements that have come about. Consider the problems that you have and how to solve them. Do you need to generate a high volume of leads or just create a few high-quality leads?

You Need High Volume

Increase your brand awareness, nurture new relationships, and get more sales. Optimize an existing marketing program by rethinking your buyer’s journey, tactics, channels, and audience profiles. Keep those goals, challenges, and customer concerns in mind so you can deliver content that pleases them in contrast to what they’re used to. If your website/business is an eCommerce one, three things are of crucial importance: having good eCommerce plugins, selling competitive products, and restricting shipping to logged-in users. Some would also add exporting orders regularly, but this is more of a personal preference.

ROI of an On-Point Lead Generation Program

Successful lead generation programs depend on the ROI (return on investment). Determining leads that are exceptionally qualified will help you move them along to the sales funnel. This will happen at their own pace if done effectively, and as you know, pressuring customers doesn’t work for the most part.

1. Define Your Leads

What defines a good lead for your company? This can be tricky because there are so many ways to identify such a lead. Look for buying behavior and track it. Use firmographics, demographics, and more to segment and profile your leads. There is also something called BANT, or “budget, authority, need, and time”.

2. Know your Sales Alignment

Sales and marketing have to agree when you’re defining a good lead, and just as much when they’re directed to sales.

Done right, you’ll have a seamless transition, and hopefully an immediate follow-up! These must agree on 2 main categories: sales qualified leads (SQLs) and marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

3. Build Road Map & Score Leads

Know your inbound and outbound efforts. Generate TOFU leads (top-of-funnel), and no, these are not just the vegan leads. Focus on your MOFU leads (middle-of-funnel). Use your best scoring and nurturing techniques to ensure your efforts are worth your time and investment.

4. Optimize & Measure

The more testing you do, the more you know! A/B testing, imagery, multivariate testing, and CTAs (calls to action) are keys to success. Optimize your lead-generation strategies and swim in the results of your success! Dollars will roll in and you’ll know that you were successful in the most current techniques available in lead generation techniques.

Harness Your Marketing Team!

Get your marketing team revved up for the real race ahead of sourcing leads. Nothing could be more important for your bottom line than the customer leads themselves, finicky and picky as they are.

You have nothing to lose if you put your best minds towards this end. Your entire company will thank you.

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