Should You Hire A Marketing Agency Or DIY?

When you start a small business, marketing and advertising are key components to getting it off the ground. In 2020 alone, US adults spent 7 hours and 50 minutes a day consuming digital media.

This is a huge proportion of a waking day. Hence why digital marketing is important to any small business that wants to engage with potential customers!

But should you consider hiring a digital marketing agency or is it something you can do yourself?

In this article, we will go through the benefits of DIY or employing an internet marketing agency. You want to ensure you’re making the best decision for you and your small business when it comes to digital marketing.

A Marketing Agency Will Keep the Costs Down

Traditionally, hiring an in-house marketer was the way to go when starting up a new business. However, there has been a shift in thought with the emergence of digital marketing services.

It means that you can tap into expert knowledge and advice without the costs of hiring a full-time employee. Healthcare, vacation, sick leave, and pension contributions can quickly add up.

You are still able to get a quality digital marketing service, however, you won’t have the responsibility of forking out for all the extras.

Hiring a digital marketing agency makes economic sense for small businesses, especially those that are new. It allows you to put your capital into growing and expanding in the right areas.

DIY Digital Marketing Means More Specific Knowledge

Yes, in theory, if you do your own digital marketing, you will be the one who knows best about the service or the product you are marketing.

The problem is that you might not be able to translate that information into digestible and compelling marketing copy.

A digital marketing agency will know exactly how to write and position strategic marketing campaigns.

A business owner often has a clear vision of how they see a business in relation to its customers. A successful digital market agency will take that vision and convey it to the right audience.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Service Allows You to Access Additional Resources

A digital marketing service doesn’t just give you access to copywriters and digital marketers. They will also give you access to various pieces of software, and digital graphics that you would need to pay hundreds of dollars to use.

Think of a digital marketing service as a fully loaded arsenal of marketing weapons to use at your disposal. It’s a team of experts and creatives with all the tools for the job, at a fraction of the cost.

Automation tools like Clicky, Adobe Creative Cloud, and HubSpot are necessary when it comes to digital marketing. However, perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate your energy to learning how to use them.

Instead, you can rely on a team that’s already highly skilled in these programs and let them do all the heavy lifting.

Social Media Management Can be Scheduled and Automated with a Digital Marketing Agency

Creating and putting out content for your social media channels is a time-consuming process. Especially if you are wanting fresh and new content across all the different mediums.

Social media content can be a full-time job in itself. By doing it yourself, you are having to devote a considerable portion of your day to it when your time could be utilized better elsewhere.

With a digital marketing agency, they can write and schedule your content for you. That means you don’t need to worry about posting it at the right times and continual content creation.

You can relax knowing your social media channels are engaging with customers.

If you want to check out a digital marketing agency with a great range of marketing packages, solopreneurs are a proven leader in the digital marketing field.

Digital Agencies Know the Marketing Small Print

SEO optimization, secondary keywords, PPC, lead generators… confused yet? The list of technical marketing jargon can seem like a different language to those that aren’t familiar with digital marketing.

Luckily, as a small business owner, you don’t have to learn and understand the lingo if you hire a digital marketing agency.

They take care of all the tiny details to allow your content to go up the search rankings and ensure that your business is positioned for customers to find you via advertising or search engines.

You don’t need a master’s in marketing to run a business effectively. Instead, check out and invest in a digital marketing service that can offer you their expertise and knowledge.

This will translate into more business and leads for your company, putting you on the path to success and profit.

Digital Marketing Agencies Can Get to Work Straight Away

When hiring a new marketing employee, you will have to spend time training them on your business, how you want to market yourself, and your core values. This is often a process that can take several weeks, if not months.

With a digital marketing agency, they don’t need to waste time getting trained up on certain software or the business. They can use their expertise to deliver on a project immediately.

You receive quality and well-developed marketing products, without the hassle of training a new employee.

Digital marketing agencies are able to work to briefs and deliver a project based on the tone and audience you require.

They can also offer up additional thoughts and suggestions based on their experience of working in similar areas or markets.

Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. DIY: How to Choose?

Weighing up the pros and cons of using a marketing agency or choosing to do it yourself isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

A digital marketing agency can be a great investment for those who want to make the most of industry knowledge and expertise.

However, a DIY approach can also work, if you’re willing to put in the hours of learning the right marketing techniques.

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s in the best interest of your business.

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