Tips To Score Well In The ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Examination

Students under the ICSE board find Mathematics as one of the top scoring subjects in Class 10. It mainly contains numericals and concepts based on them. So the students can easily grasp the concepts and solve problems with ease. The stress of facing the board exam would be more in the minds of students. Solving the textbook problems on a regular basis using the right study material would help them to score well in the exam.

To gain a good knowledge of the important concepts, students are advised to first understand the syllabus and the marks weightage allotted for each concept. Selina Solutions Class 9 Maths must be used by the students in the previous year as most of the concepts are continued in the Class 10 as well. The important concepts are discussed in the solutions in a simple format to build a strong foundation of basic concepts among students. 

Mathematics is a subject which requires a lot of practice. The ICSE Selina Textbook is designed by a set of faculty members having vast experience in the respective subject. Students must solve all the problems present in the textbook to understand the types of questions that would be asked in the board exams. Numerous examples are also present before the exercise wise problems to help students understand the method of solving complex problems effortlessly. 

How to score well in the ICSE Class 10 Maths Exam?

1. Understand the syllabus designed by the ICSE board and work on the chapters accordingly. By doing this, students will recognise the concepts which are important from the exam perspective and work on them for a better score.

2. Note down the important formulae and theorems which are important to solve complex problems. This should be glanced on a daily basis in order to remember them without any difficulty.

3. Solve the entire textbook problems a few months prior to the exam. This will provide time for the students to learn difficult concepts based on their importance and marks weightage.

4. Students who are not able to ask doubts during the class hours can make use of the various study materials available online. It can be accessed by the students either chapter wise or exercise wise based on their requirements.

5. After the completion of textbook questions, students should solve the previous year question papers to get an idea about the frequently asked questions. It will help in improving the time management skills among the students which are important for the exam.

6. Revision plays an important role in performing well in the board exams. Students under the Class 10 are recommended to solve the problems prior to the exam and revise them on a regular basis for a better hold on them. 

Scoring good marks in a subject like Mathematics is a dream for most of the students. It is very easy to perform well in the exam as the subject includes only numericals. By using the tips mentioned here, students will be able to perform well in the board exam.

Students can also refer to the Selina Solutions Class 10 Maths to get their queries clarified immediately. The solutions also contain various methods of solving complex problems explained in a simple language as per the ICSE board exam pattern. 

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