How To Begin A Boxing Career

The roots of boxing are traceable from 3000BC back in Egypt, and since then, the sport has been gaining popularity at an escalating rate. Becoming a professional boxer requires resilience, hard work, and dedication. You can easily commence and advance your boxing career with the right guidance. Here are some tips that will come in handy in assisting you to do so.

Find a Gym

Boxing requires physical fitness, and finding the right boxing gym is a major consideration to put in place while commencing or advancing your boxing career. Boxing gyms are quite different from normal gyms in terms of available equipment and programs. San Diego boxing gyms feature specialized boxing programs with professional coaches to aid you in improving your boxing career. 

In boxing gyms, you get access to boxing accessories such as gloves and punch bags, which will come in handy in training. To maximize your training experience at the gym, it is advisable to sign up for a subscription that will favor your schedule.

Find a Coach

Whether a new or experienced boxer, you need a coach to reveal the inside wires of the sport. Gyms like San Diego boxing gyms have in-house coaches who will guide and train you more about the sport. You can hire a private coach if your boxing gym lacks such services.

Before settling for a boxing coach, check for training experience, previous success and achievements, flexibility, and the coaching fees. Ensure you agree with your coach on a suitable training timeframe that will favor both of you. If possible, take your time and research reputable boxing coaches or even get referrals from your friends who have indulged in the sport previously.

Check Your Diet

When participating in any sport, the diet shouldn’t be overlooked. A boxer must have at least three meals daily, which may go up to five while training. Snacking is of importance to escalate your energy levels and keep them stable. Drinking one gallon of water daily will do the magic of keeping you hydrated.

A balanced boxing diet consists of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Low-fat dairy, lean red meats, and white meats are some of the lean proteins you can consider in your diet. Avocados, nuts, and olive oils are some healthy fats you shouldn’t leave out. Potatoes, rice, oats, and bread are some complex carbohydrates to consider.

Acquire a License

After the coaching period elapses, you must acquire a license to engage in boxing activities. The license acquisition rules and regulations vary depending on your jurisdiction. In many areas, you will have to undertake a basic physical exam to gauge whether you are of sound mind and ready to participate in a competition. Besides this, you have to undergo medical screening procedures. If you are fit, you will be issued an amateur boxing license.

Have Your First Fight

It is now time to have your first fight and gauge your skills. Your coach is responsible for giving you the go-ahead to participate in your first fight. Your first fight could be in a friendly tournament such as those organized by San Diego boxing gyms or a real competition planned by a different organization. You can assess your skills from the first fight and know where to improve.

When getting into boxing or advancing your career in the sport, ensure you train regularly to discover new skills and techniques. The quality of training you receive will majorly determine your performance. Always remember that training hard will make you fight easily.

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