Decomposed Body Cleanup: Dealing with the Sudden Death of a Tenant

Did you just get reports of an unattended death in one of the rental properties you own or manage? As the report reaches you, it sends shivers down your spine, leaving you in a great dilemma. Many questions keep popping – what do you do? Who do you call? How do you handle this as a first-timer? Are there professionals who handle decomposed body cleanup? If not, how do you remediate the property to eliminate the signs of death in the property? The first thing you need to do is to stay calm and take a few deep breaths. 

Staying prepared for all kinds of outcomes and knowing the right step to take can help you manage the situation effectively. Follow these steps

Contact the Police

This is not a case you can handle on your own. You need to inform the authorities immediately. One of the reasons for reporting a death in one of your rental properties to the police is to exonerate yourself. Failure to do this will make you one of the suspects. The police might take you in for questioning. 

Do not attempt to determine the cause of the death on your own. Let the police perform their duty to determine if the death was a natural or unnatural cause. This is a job best left to the authorities. More importantly, do not touch any item on the property. This is important in case the police want to do further investigation. Touching any item leaves behind your fingerprints, making you one of the suspects. More so, depending on the cause and nature of the death, there could be health-related concerns. Whatever the case, leave the site for the police. No one should be allowed into the crime scene until the police arrive. 

Remove the Body

If the police are not satisfied with the investigation, they might take custody of the body of the deceased. In this case, you need not bother. If otherwise, you need to make arrangements for body removal. You should not attempt to remove the body without explicit permission from the police. Be sure to work closely with the police. Do not hold back in providing any form of assistance they need. Ask if you can contact the emergency contacts of the deceased? If you are given permission to do so, ask if there is a right time to do so? Procedures when it comes to investigating an unattended death varies, and it is based on the cause of the death as well as local law enforcement policies. 

Contact a Decomposed Body Cleanup Service

After the police have given you express permission to remove the body and decontaminate the property, your next line of action is to contact a certified decomposed body cleanup service. These experts are familiar with the hazards at the scene. They know the best-decomposed body cleanup practices to apply. Also, they are properly equipped to perform a thorough cleaning service, returning your property hazard-free in the shortest time possible. 

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