Why You Should Choose A Silver Moonstone jewelry

If you are looking for a beautiful ornamental accessory for enhancing your beauty, then you can make a decision to choose different varieties of Moonstone jewelry. As the Moonstone is widely known for its shimmering attributes and metaphysical properties. Adding crystal jewelry to your jewelry collection will help you change your overall internal and outer personality.

Read the entire blog to get valuable information about the Moonstone crystal and know why you should choose the silver Moonstone jewelry.

Moonstone Geographical properties

Moonstone is known globally by the name of Moon Magic and is believed to be the crystal formed from the subtle elements of the Moon and stars. Moonstone comprises the thin layers of orthoclase and albite silicate minerals. The white sheen on the crystal’s surface is known as adularescence, which shines when the moonlight falls direct on these thin layers of the gemstone. Moreover, the crystal belongs to the feldspar mineral family and contains potassium silicate aluminum.

Moonstone color properties

Moonstone recognizes for its multiple color properties among different age groups. The crystal ranges in white, blue, gray, pink, and transparent shades. However, Rainbow and blue moonstones are hugely popular among the young generation because of their eye-catching attributes. The shimmering presence of the gemstone steals the hearts of the spectators when someone wears the Moonstone necklace at parties or any formal events.

Healing properties of Moonstone

  • The Moon Magic jewelry effectively symbolizes fresh beginnings and self-awakening for its users. For example, you are thinking of starting something from the very beginning like startups, business, studies, journey, etc. Wearing the stunning crystal will make your starting very easy in a dynamic way.
  • As the gemstone contains the powers of the Moon planet, which is the symbol of love, prosperity, and cool vibes, thus the gemstone promotes love and compassion in its wearer’s life. So, Gifting a Moonstone ring to your loved one will help you establish a good understanding and will make your relationship stronger.
  • Holding the gemstone will also help you develop creative ideas and a sharp mind to execute your goals and targets in a specific manner. It paves the path with fewer obstacles and hurdles to achieve heights of success.
  •  Moreover, wearing this gemstone in the form of a Moonstone pendant, as the pendant would be near the heart of the holder. It will help you enable the heart chakra, which stimulates love, positive thoughts, and better observation of others.

Moonstone as a Birthstone

However, Moonstone provides many other benefits rather than wearing it as a fashion jewel ornament. The gemstone is a traditional birthstone for those born in June and is a suitable birthstone for the Zodiac cancer sign. So one can wear it as a birthstone if he is a June-born person.

Where can be found

After reading the blog, you have better understood the Moonstone; now, you may think about where the beautiful crystals are mined?

Moonstone is a rare crystal and is found across the globe, but the best quality Moonstones come from India and Sri Lanka. But you can also find the gemstone in other places like USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Armenia.

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How to care for your Moonstone jewelry?

Moonstone jewelry seeks much attention for caring purposes, as the gemstones fall between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and brittle on its hardness level. So, don’t put your jewelry with other crystal jewelry to protect your crystal from any scratches and damage.

Moreover, take off your jewelry while bathing, swimming, and doing household activities. Put your crystal jewelry under the moonlight during the full Moon; it will re-energize your gemstone and start to work from its natural powers.

Getting source to Moonstone jewelry

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