Dustin Johnson: Accused of Murder?

Dustin Johnson is currently a celebrity husband and wife, known for his many achievements. However, much of his fame came as a result of his two divorces. This, combined with his never-ending romances, made him a figure most famous for his numerous affairs. So who is this married man that everyone seems so fond of?

Dustin Johnson was born in 1944 in segregated Mississippi. He was one of eight children born to Ida Banks and Frank Johnson. His father was not a happy or positive presence in his life – his mother always pushed him and his sister to go to college, but he refused. It was only later that he learned of his father’s role in his birth and was devastated by the news.

Dustin Johnson continued to work hard throughout his teenage years, and was a member of the swim team at the University of Mississippi. But his high school years were far from happy. He dropped out after just one semester and got arrested twice – once for marijuana possession, and once for trespassing.

Once out of the criminal justice system, he pursued an acting career, landing a small role in Kingpin. Though the film wasn’t very successful, his career was not. Instead, he landed smaller roles and became known for his often outrageously bad acting. In 1980, he married Vanda Lee, who became pregnant while on the cast of Something to Love, but the marriage fizzled.

Dustin Johnson Family

Their daughter, Brandy, was born in 1981. While the marriage was not happy, it was nothing like the breakups he had been through. Dustin Johnson was still a bachelor, and she was a stay-at-home mom. Life in the couple’s home did not change – they still dreamed of traveling, going on cruises, and shopping – except for the fact that they would always make sure their daughter was present. She became a big part of their lives, even spending much of her Christmas vacation with the family.

In the early hours of September 11th, Dustin and Brandy’s plane crashed on a remote island in the Caribbean. Dustin, unfortunately, lost his wife. Neighbors alerted the emergency response team, and the bodies were recovered and positively identified. Dustin Johnson was pronounced dead on the scene.

A week later, Johnson’s body was discovered in the backseat of his vehicle. Police believed he had died as the result of a vehicular accident. He had no identification on him, and no money – not even a $5 bill. Neighbors said they had seen Dustin Johnson the evening before, on the porch of their home.

Dustin Johnson’s family and friends were stunned by the lack of information available about his death. The immediate cause of death was ruled as “accidental drowning.” Then, according to some reports, the autopsy report indicated he may have been trying to save his wife by drowning himself. This is ironic, because his wife was one of his closest friends. Now, their long-standing friendship is over.

Married Life

Dustin Johnson’s wife, Brandy Johnson, is doing her best to maintain the secrecy surrounding the death of her husband. Even today, they live separated and have no contact with one another. Dustin, however, has allowed several close family members to view some of the photographs that were taken immediately after the crash – something that he claims he did in order to prove to them that his wife was not cheating on him.

Dustin has hired an attorney to assist him in the death investigation. According to attorney Richard Schmitz, who represents Dustin Johnson, the crash killed Dustin in a “catastrophic” accident. The attorney believes that Dustin was legally competent to drive at the time of his death, and did not deserve to die as a result of the accident. Dustin had been married three times and always made sure his wife knew he loved her, and always thought of her whenever he had a moment to think of her.

Accused of Murder

Dustin Johnson’s body was found a short distance away from his car, at the back seat. An investigation has discovered that Dustin Johnson’s wife was the driver of the vehicle that crashed into a utility pole. Dustin Johnson’s wife told police she could not remember how she had driven the vehicle and told them their children were with her when the accident occurred. Her husband told investigators that his wife was at the wheel at the time of the accident.

Dustin Johnson is currently being held in jail on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 7 April, pending the results of toxicology tests. Dustin is free to leave jail while under investigation. An online obituary has been posted on the website of the funeral home where he was recently cremated.

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