Book Review of “A Day in the Life of Ben-Hur” By Michael Chabon

In discussing the world of Jewish mysticism, one writer points out that one author “has managed to combine the ultra-left anti racist left, traditional center-left, and – at times – rightist, right views on a single issue.” That issue is immigration. That writer is myself. I wish to speak about the views of our popular author, Ben Shapiro.

According to our author “The Immigration Restriction Party”, by Ben Shapiro, a writer for the WorldNet Daily, “Many mass immigration advocates are now calling themselves the Anti-Globalists… Anti-Globalists believe in (and sometimes even prescribe) complete restrictions on mass immigration.” And that, my friend, is a very interesting and accurate observation. And it applies to the author as well. The deconstructionists do not wish to deny immigration altogether; they simply want to limit it, or limit it to certain classes, or perhaps even deny entry to people of a specific faith.

That may be extreme, but it is a simple truth. As we have seen with the Arizona law restricting marriage, and the California ban on all immigration, the far-left and far-right can sometimes come into sync. Thus, some immigration destructionists have adopted anti-immigrant positions. As an example, George Will, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, has written articles saying that mass immigration is unhelpful to America and that we should do whatever we can to prevent illegal immigration.

That sounds like a rather extreme view, but let us considers the alternative: If the government could find a way to legally prevent many immigrants from coming to the U.S., what would happen? Would our sister cities benefit, and would the Ben Shapiro sisters be permitted to open their sister salon in Jerusalem and hire illegal aliens as employees? That is a question that we cannot answer yet.

The best guess is probably that there will not be an immigration restriction at all, but rather that we will see more restrictive policies regarding who can enter the country and who cannot. The illegal aliens would simply be sent back across the border, while those who follow the rules and the laws could stay and work here. So far, Ben-Shapiro’s sisters have chosen to ignore this possibility. Perhaps that says much more about the weakness of their argument than we can say.

One possible loophole that has been mentioned by some immigration restrictionists is the case of Jessicaabetam Hernar, an 18-year old who was arrested for selling counterfeit doctor’s notes. She was brought over to the United States from Mexico. She was arrested because it is illegal for people over a certain age to sell counterfeit doctor’s notes in Mexico, and Hernar clearly was aware that she was breaking the law. However, she has also been convicted in the U.S., whereby punishment she would have had to spend the next ten years in prison.

Ben-Hur is a character whose life has been affected by the immigration restrictionists, to the extent that Ben-Hur refuses to talk about his sister, save for saying that she is doing fine. The most telling thing in the book is when he tells Rita, “The other day I went to visit her in jail. She looked terrible. She looked worse than I had ever seen her in my life.”

The case of Jessicaabetah Hernar is just one of many that shows the extreme reach of the Immigration Restrictions. Even if Ben-Hur does not explicitly say so, one can assume that he believes in the sanctity of life, and in the fact that every human being is an immigrant, and that those who have committed atrocious crimes against humanity should not be allowed to stay. This is a man who supports a policy of mandatory prison sentences for murderers, but who will not let his sister be executed. He is a principled man, and his book is a very interesting journey into the world of Jewish law and the justice that its principles provide.

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