How To Wakeboard: A Basic Guide For Beginners

In 2020, the wakeboarding equipment market grew a staggering 12% which shows how popular the sport is.

Wakeboarding is exhilarating, improves your hand-eye coordination, and lets you unwind in nature. Perhaps you’re interested in this watersport, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our guide on how to wakeboard.

Book a Lesson

To ensure you’re wakeboarding properly, book a lesson with an instructor. They will give you the run-down of what to do and how to choose the best gear.

Struggling to find a good teacher? Then ask family or friends for recommendations and check online reviews so you get the perfect match. g

Grab Your Gear

You’ve learned the benefits of wakeboarding, so now it’s time to grab your gear. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common wakeboard lengths so you can find the perfect one.

You’ll also need a wakeboard rope, life jacket, and if you’re wakeboarding with a little one, then choose a well-fitted helmet.

Start With a Rental Board

Although it’s tempting to buy wakeboarding gear, it’s wise to rent it out first. Wakeboards are expensive, so test out various models before making a purchase. And, when you’re ready to buy, ask the retailer for last season’s gear as you get fantastic deals.

Work Out Whether You’re Regular or Goofy

One of the top wakeboarding tips is figuring out whether you’re regular or goofy.

If you ride with your left foot forward, then you’re regular, which is the most popular stance. But if you naturally bring your right forward, then you’re goofy.

Not sure which you are? Then ask someone to gently push you from behind and whichever foot you bring forward first will determine your stance.

Accept that You’re Going to Fall Often

Like with all sports, you won’t be a pro instantly so be kind to yourself. Don’t be afraid to fall or tumble into the waves, because learning how to balance is one of the biggest struggles when wakeboarding for beginners.

But if you’re spending too much time in the water, then reach out to your instructor, so they can give you advice.

Learn to Ollie

The most exciting aspect of this sport is the wakeboarding tricks. As a beginner, you should try an ollie where you jump over something or gain air for a moment.

To do this, push your back foot into your board and scoop the front up. If you’re struggling, try bouncing several times as it will help you pop.

Learn How to Wakeboard Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to wakeboard.

Start by booking a lesson with a reputable instructor, choose high-quality gear, and hit the water. You should stay humble and don’t be afraid to fall in the beginning. But, most importantly, enjoy the learning process and have fun in the water. Good luck!

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