How to Succeed in Online Dating: 7 Essential Dating App Tips

Finding success on a dating app can be excruciating. You know you have that natural charm, you’re attractive, and you’re looking for the right person. Something isn’t clicking online, though, and you’re stuck swiping away with no luck.

What gives?

We’re going to give you some dating app tips today, looking into the things that might help you get a few more matches and follow through on them when they actually come around.

Hopefully, the information below can help you kickstart your dating life and meet some great people. Let’s get started.

1. Use Multiple Apps

One thing to note is that there are certain demographics that use particular dating apps. Picking the right dating app might be impossible, though, because you never know who will be on which app.

Diversifying the sites that you’re using can be a big help. Use Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and whatever other sites host dating for individuals like yourself. You can get even more specific if you’d like, too.

For example, you can explore Iranian dating sites if you’re from Iran and are looking for fellow Iranians. The same goes for just about any other country in the world.

2. Curate Your Photos

You don’t want to create a profile that’s too photoshopped and perfect. Doing so is disingenuous, and people have been using dating apps for long enough to know the difference between accurate and fake photos.

That said, you do want to put your best foot forward. Choose the best photos that you have of yourself. Don’t try to play the whole thing down by putting a bunch of funny pictures that don’t really show how you look.

That said, sprinkle in a few of those funny pictures if you want to. Be sure to add a picture or two that falls outside of the norm and expresses your personality.

3. Take 30 Minutes on Your Bio

If you’re swiping and swiping, paying money to enhance your profile, and buying boosts left and right, take a step back.

The profile is the thing that attracts people. You can pay money and work the numbers game, but you’re still going to struggle if the bio isn’t up to par. So, just take some time to work on it.

How would you see your bio if you were reading it from someone else’s perspective? Does it represent the basic parts of yourself that you want to display in the dating world?

Is it engaging? Try putting something interesting in there that would be a natural first step for someone to send you a message and ask you about it.

Bios can go all over the place, though, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We recommend just sitting down, setting a timer on your phone, and working on your bio until that timer goes off.

See where you end up.

4. Be Open to New People

A lot of people claim that they have no luck with dating apps, but the truth is that they have a specific vision of the person they want to be with, and nobody they match with is that person.

You have to be attracted to your partner, sure. That said, you’re missing out on 99.9 percent of the potential out there if you’re pigeonholed into a singular idea of a person to date.

You might even make the mistake of dating an awful person who happens to look the way you like. That will crash and burn, and you’ll be back to online dating in no time.

So, go on a couple of dates with people you wouldn’t normally date. If they’re cute, give it a shot. You might find that you’ve been limiting yourself.

5. Send a Message (Even if It’s Not Perfect)

How many times have we toiled over the right words to say? Everyone knows the feeling of a good match, only to find that they have nothing to say that sounds interesting or attractive.

Quit poo-pooing yourself and write a message that isn’t “sup.” If you can say something standard and nice, you’re in the clear. Something like, “Hey, how’s it going? Your dog looks really cute!” isn’t perfect, but it’s something.

If you manage to come up with the best intro line ever, that’s great! If you can’t muster anything good, though, just send the message. If you don’t, you’ll lose all of your chances.

Try not to seem too cool, and just open up a conversation with the person. Odds are that they are interested in some level if you matched with them, so the door is already cracked open.

6. Don’t Wait to Ask Them Out

The next mistake is to keep chatting without pulling the trigger on a date. Try to ride the wave of interest and attraction and ask them out at the first reasonable opportunity.

It doesn’t have to be in the first day or two, but maybe start thinking of ideas if it seems like there’s a little bit of interest. They’re on a dating app and talking to you within that app, so that means that they’re trying to go on a date with someone.

Make sure that someone is you before it’s too late. Just ask. They already know if they want to go out with you or not, so you just have to find out by asking.

7. Be Patient

Dating apps open you up to a massive group of potential dates. You will find someone that you like eventually, but it might not be right away. The struggle of swiping and checking all of the time can wear down on you, though.

Try to be patient and avoid getting too compulsive about checking your matches. Have faith in the process, and expect yourself to find great dates in the near future.

It’s easy to get addicted to the app or check it too much for your mental health. Set some boundaries for yourself and use the app in your downtime.

Need More Dating App Tips?

Hopefully, the dating app tips above were useful to you. You’ll get your match soon, but you might have to tune up your profile first. We’re here to help.

Explore our site for more ideas on how to find dates on apps, tips for online dating, and much more.

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