What Is Biometric Enrollment?

With the global biometric system market anticipated to surpass USD 68.6 billion by 2025, biometric information is being utilized in new ways. Present in many aspects of society, biometrics get used on a regular basis. But, what are biometrics, what is biometric enrollment, and how does it all work?

What Are Biometrics?

Biometrics are part of a system reliant on pattern recognition. Biometric data gets extracted and stored so it can get compared at a later date. The action that ensures is dependent on the comparison results.

Types of Biometrics

There are physiological and behavior identifiers that get used in biometrics. Physiological characteristics concern an individual’s composition and can include things such as face identification and fingerprints recognition. Behavioral characteristics center around an individual’s actions such as their internet and social media activity.

Biometric Enrollment Process

The process of biometric enrollment involves the capturing and storing of data. This data gets stored for future use so that comparisons can get made. Whenever biometric information gets detected it gets analyzed accordingly.

Applications of Biometrics

There are many uses of biometrics in today’s world and they are being used in a lot of industries.


Biometrics get used for various facial recognition and fingerprint identity purposes. These processes help to verify the identity of the individual using the smartphone.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has been able to enjoy the use of biometrics for the identification of criminals. It has also benefited fingerprint and palm print identity processes.

United States Department of Homeland Security

Homeland security has utilized biometrics in multiple detection and credential processes. Border Patrol has also been able to get use out of biometric processes.


The need for physical national identity cards has been minimized as healthcare institutions have been able to use biometric information in multiple health programs.

Advantages of Biometrics


Biometrics can be used for identification and verification purposes. They are a method of proof of existence. It is an almost consistent method of authentication as an individual’s characteristics remain similar over the years.

No Need to Remember

There is not a need for passwords to get remembered and tokens of identification do not have to get carried. This makes the identification process a lot simpler.

No Contact

The individual requiring authentication does not have to have direct contact with the people requiring the information. This makes it possible for the information to get accessed when necessary and with no need for time to get taken out of the day. The biometric process is easy and convenient.


Biometric information is hard, if not impossible, to replicate or steal meaning that it is a safe method of identification.

Biometrics Understood

Hopefully, now you understand all there is to know about biometric information, biometric enrollment, and how it all works.

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