Are you concerned about your current weight?

You are not alone, since 50% of American adults attempt weight loss each year. Aside from having a balanced diet, exercising helps shed more pounds. It burns calories while strengthening your body.

However, if it’s your first time considering diet and exercise, you’ll have no idea where to start. In this guide, we’ll teach you about exercises for weight loss. Read on and live a healthier life now:

1. Walking

Walking is convenient and easy for beginners. It allows you to exercise without spending money on complex equipment. If you walk, you’re unlikely to stress your joints because it’s low-impact.

If you weigh around 155 lbs, walking burns around 167 calories every half hour. It’s easy to add this exercise to your daily activities. Avoid taking the elevators and walk around during your lunch breaks.

2. Jogging and Running

These exercises seem similar, but their primary difference is the pace. Jogging is moving from 4 to 6 mph. Meanwhile, you must move at least six mph to achieve a running pace.

Aside from burning twice the calories compared to walking, these exercises burn belly fat. It prevents heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.

Consider jogging for half an hour, at least thrice a week. If it’s too hard on your joints, run on grass since they have a softer surface.

3. Cycling

Modern technology like stationary bikes allows you to cycle indoors. Depending on your pace, you can burn as much as 298 calories per half hour. You reap these benefits regardless of your fitness level.

Cycling is a low-impact, non-weight-bearing exercise. You won’t put too much strain on your joints to reap its benefits.

As you cycle around, your body becomes more sensitive to insulin. It lowers your risk of developing heart diseases and cancer.

4. Weight Training

If you want to lose weight and build strength, weight training is your best bet. It promotes muscle growth, causing your resting metabolic rate to rise. With that, you’ll continue burning calories even at rest.

Doing 11 minutes of strength-based routines will increase your metabolic rate by 7.4%. You’ll burn around 125 calories more each day.

However, weight training is more effective in men. If you train for 24 weeks, your metabolic rate increases by 9%. For women, the rate is around 4%.

Do you want alternative exercises for weight loss? Check out the linked guide to learn about rebounding now.

5. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for weight loss. It’s fun and becomes more effective depending on your preferred stroke. If you do butterfly strokes, expect to burn around 400 calories every 30 minutes.

Like walking, swimming is a low-impact exercise. It’s easier on your joints, allowing you to exercise even with joint pain or minor injuries.

Start Exercises for Weight Loss Now

These are some of the best exercises for weight loss. They only take 30 minutes at most, allowing you to do them before or after work.

However, exercising is only half the battle. Eat healthier food items to ensure your weight loss success.

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