ESOP 101: How An Employee Stock Option Plan Works

Have you started planning for retirement?

If so, smart move! And if not, it’s time to get busy so you can start building wealth for living the good life once retirement age rolls around. After all, time goes by in a flash, thus there’s no time to waste.

One of the best tools for preparing for building wealth for retirement is your employee stock option plan. This is a wealth management program offered by employers to help employees invest money for the future.

Here we take a look at how ESOPs work so that you can take full advantage of employee stock ownership. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics

Let’s start by defining exactly what an ESOP is.

In the most basic terms, employee stock options give you the chance to purchase a specific number of shares in your company’s stock. In other words, you can actually enjoy partial ownership in the business where you work.

This not only provides a financial incentive for making your company as profitable and successful as possible, but it will also help create a greater sense of pride in the team that you work with.

Type of ESOPs

It’s important to understand that there are two basic types of stock options that an individual company can offer its employees. These include NQs, or non-qualified stock options, and ISOs, or incentive stock options.

With non-qualified stock options, taxes are typically withheld from your proceeds when you exercise your options. This generally isn’t the case with incentive stock options. Keep in mind that each type of ESOP has different tax rules.

This is why you’ll need to understand the tax considerations before exercising your options, especially when taking market volatility and other investment risks into consideration.

How ESOPs Work

Here’s an example of how employee stock option plans work.

Your employee will provide the change to purchase a maximum number of shares in the company by a specific date. But you have several options for doing this.

These options include paying cash, exercising a cashless exercise by selling enough stock to cover the purchase price or sending in a certificate for shares in the company that will cover the purchase price.

The key is to understand the convenience that ESOPs provide, because you won’t have to pay for the stock upfront, which can be a huge advantage, especially on a limited budget.

Talk to Your Employer

The best strategy is to talk to your employer about their ESOP program to find out the specific details. After all, the more you understand, the easier it will be to build wealth.

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Understanding Your Employee Stock Option Plan

It’s never too early to start investing for retirement. The key is to take advantage of every available resource to grow wealth fast. Fortunately, your employee stock option plan is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make your money work for you.

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