3 Ways To Engage A Workplace Team

Team building exercises are a common activity that workplaces use to allow employees to get to know one another. Although some workers dislike these exercises, they can be very beneficial in getting employees to communicate more effectively and become more engaged and productive in the workplace. Here are three ways to engage a workplace team. 

1. Have a Fitness Challenge

Most people love friendly competition, and one way to encourage this is by having a fitness competition in the office. Whether the challenge is based on step count, time spent working out, or something else, an office fitness challenge app is an easy way for team members to become involved in the office-wide challenge. Ensure that any fitness challenge your company has is able to accommodate people of all skill levels and abilities. 

2. Host Meals

Free food and drinks tend to make people happy, and going out for lunch or dinner together gives coworkers a much-needed break and a chance to get to know each other outside of the office environment. In order to facilitate an entire small business team going out for lunch together, you may need to get a temporary employee to look after the office for the afternoon, or simply close the office for a couple of hours on a day that you are typically not busy. 

3. Set Up a Virtual Party

If your employees work remotely, it is even more imperative to have opportunities for colleagues to get to know one another. Set up short, virtual meetings when someone is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another exciting event in their lives. This makes team members feel appreciated, valued, and more able to open up about their lives outside of work. 

Consider these three ways to allow your employees to have fun and get to know one another. 

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