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How To copy Apple Watch To iPhone, iCloud, Or laptop & Restore From Backup

You can copy content, data, and settings from your watch to your iPhone, computer, or iCloud account. you’ll additionally restore your backed-up info to your Apple Watch, this could be your original watch or a brand new watch.

This article necessary|is vital|is very important} as a result of you’ll take care that your important watch information is often synced and guarded.

Please note that Apple Watch backups don’t embody everything. Backups don’t embody the following:

• Your Apple Watch passcode. (You will reset your Apple Watch passcode).

• Apple Pay information (credit and revolving credit info).

• Bluetooth pairings.

How to copy to your iPhone

Apple Watch backups occur mechanically. Whenever your iPhone and watch is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your watch can synchronise your information to your companion iPhone. the total method is automatic. you are doing not have to be compelled to do something.

Do you wish to initiate a backup? you may have to be compelled to unpair your watch from your iPhone. there’s just one thanks to manually begin a backup on Apple Watch: Unpairing. the method of unpairing can forever perform a backup initial. this could not be a perfect methodology  how to restore iphone from icloud because it could be a long methodology.

This methodology involves unpairing then re-pairing (if you want) your Apple Watch. the method is explained a lot of below. Your iPhone can mechanically produce a backup once it’s unmated from your iPhone. This itself could be a very little risky (things don’t forever work as they’re supposed to) and should take an extended time.

How to copy your Apple Watch to iCloud or iTunes

You can backup your Apple Watch to iCloud or your laptop (iTunes or Finder) by backing up your iPhone. you can not directly backup your watch to your iCloud account or laptop. after you synchronise the info on your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, this backup includes your Apple Watch information that you simply antecedently insured. Here is however this method works:


On your iPhone, visit Settings > [your name], and faucet iCloud and iCloud Backup. Then faucet copy currently. Your iPhone can currently initiate the backup method. As stated, this may additionally embody your antecedently insured watch information.

Computer (iTunes or Finder):

Connect your iPhone to your laptop (Mac or PC) victimisation your USB cable. Then if you’re victimisation macOS Catalina or later, open Finder, if you’re victimisation associate earlier version of the macOS software system or a computer, then open iTunes. In iTunes or Finder, click your device and click on the overall tab.

If you would like the backup to incorporate your Apple Watch Health and Activity information, then choose code [device] backup box (you can have to be compelled to produce a password). Then click the rear Up currently button.

You can restore your watch from a keep backup. For this, you may have to be compelled to erase all of your watch’s content. In different words, this may wipe everything from your watch and restore it to its manufactory settings. Here is how:

Before we tend to begin, check that that your iPhone has the most recent version of the iOS software system. you’ll check if there’s associate update by attending to Settings > General > software system Update.

As explicit  higher than, after you unpair, your iPhone can produce a brand new backup of your Apple Watch.

• Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch close.

• On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch icon then visit My Watch > your Watch > faucet the (i) information icon then faucet Unpair Apple Watch. Then follow the onscreen directions. If you are doing not have your iPhone, on your watch, faucet Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. this may unpair your device.

• After your device unpairs, you may see the beginning Pairing message.

• During the setup method, you’ll restore it from a backup.

How to read your Apple Watch backups

You can read and delete your antecedently insured Apple Watch information on your iPhone. If you’ve got multiple watches, you may see the details: Apple Watch name, once was it created, and its size.

Here is how:

This page contains a listing of put-in apps and therefore the quantity of storage all uses, together with your watch. From the list of apps, find Watch. Tap Watch. you may see all of your Apple Watch backups.

You can take away all of your Apple Watch backups or delete them on an individual basis. If you would like to delete them on an individual basis, notice a backup to delete, and  how to restore iphone from icloud swipe left, this may reveal a red Delete button, faucet this button to delete. you’ll additionally delete all of your backups. merely scroll down and faucet take away All Backups.

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