Miracle Doctor by Dr. Morris Shapiro

Dr. David Mor Shapiro, is internationally recognized as the best oncologist and cancer specialist in his field. Dr. Mor Shapiro, M.D., is a practicing family medicine doctor in Beverly Hills, California. He is a practicing chiropractor and medical consultant. He holds national accreditation as a medical doctor specializing in oncology. And he has been invited to present at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting and the International Society of Oncology Child Study conferences.

In his role as an oncologist, Dr. Mor Shapiro is committed to providing comprehensive cancer treatment and management to patients with all types of cancer. Currently, he is the president of the Lip Service Corp., an innovative company that provides liposuction. And plastic surgery for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Shapiro states that although other cancer specialists have also performed complementary and alternative treatments in the past. He feels that there is still much untapped potential in complementary and alternative medicine. In addition to being the president of his own company, Mor Shapiro is also a practicing chiropractor and medical consultant. He is an instructor at the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Institute in San Diego, California.

According to Mor Shapiro, conventional cancer treatments are often very harsh and the side effects can be quite profound. Furthermore, traditional treatment also has its share of limitations. For instance, chemotherapy makes use of very powerful drugs that have the ability to destroy the tumor while not affecting normal body functions. Additionally, chemotherapy can cause major organ malfunctioning after it is administered.

Another alternative cancer therapy that Dr. Shapiro has promoted is immunotherapy, which is a form of cancer treatment wherein the body’s immune system fights against the disease. To do this, the patient receives antibodies that target the tumor. The antibodies, when introduced into the body, go and find the cancerous cells and destroy them. This type of therapy has shown remarkable results in patients. However, it can take up to six months for the patient to experience the desired results.

Last is the Alternative Medicine Institute’s “alkaline diet regimen.” Dr. Shapiro said that although this method of treatment has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, it can not prevent it from occurring. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a patient undergoes this method only after a diagnosis of cancer has been made. According to the tenets of the alkaline diet, eating foods with high acidity should be limited or avoided altogether because these acids produce alkaline in the body.

Furthermore, Dr. Shapiro stressed out that aside from cancer, diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, COPD and many others can also result from poor diet choices. The alkaline diet regimen should also be carried out along with a good exercise program, because the body needs regular physical activity to stay healthy. During meals, Dr. Shapiro encourages patients to eat smaller meals. He explained that by eating smaller meals, the body is able to absorb all nutrients more easily and consequently fights off fatigue much better than larger meals.

However, according to the alkaline diet regimen, there are some cases where cancer cannot be prevented. In this case, the only option left is to undergo surgery or radiation therapy. Even when cancer is present, however, the goal is always cancer prevention. This is what the alkaline diet aims at. By eating abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables and increasing our intake of fish, poultry, seeds and nuts, the body is able to achieve a state of proper nutrition and metabolic health.

Cancer is a disease that affects every individual. While no one likes to think about it, cancer is a fact of life. Although we do have treatments available today that can successfully eradicate most types of cancer, there is always a chance that the body will succumb to cancer anyway. The keys to successful cancer prevention are quite simple but requires a little devotion on the part of the patient. By following the instructions of Dr. Shapiro and doing his best to live a healthy lifestyle, the odds of successfully combating any form of cancer is greatly improved.

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