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Golden Retriever Price in India

Whether you are looking to get a Golden Retriever in Kerala or elsewhere in India, it is best to know the Golden Retriever price before making the purchase. This article will tell you about the price of the dog in various cities. In addition to Kerala, you can also find out about the price in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Cost of golden retriever in kerala

The cost of a golden retriever in Kerala varies, depending on its breed, bloodline, and features. A medium breed dog costs about Rs10,000 to Rs30,000 per month. Vaccinations, de-worming, and microchips are all included in the cost. A golden retriever will cost you a total of about Rs25,000 in Kerala, but that doesn’t include yearly expenses for grooming, health checkups, or any other costs.

The cost of a male golden retriever in Kerala may range from 15,000 to 40,000 INR, while a female golden retriever can cost between 9,000 and 17,000 INR. Prices can vary even within metros, depending on the breed, age, and location. It is important to choose a golden retriever with the right temperament and age. Also, make sure that the puppy is healthy, not aggressive, and has the right vaccinations.

A golden retriever is a very active dog and needs plenty of exercise. They enjoy human companionship and are devoted and loyal to their owners. They are extremely playful and love to play with you, and they will wag their tails and obey your commands. They also love children, so they make excellent pets for families.

If you’re interested in adopting a golden retriever, you’ll want to find a breeder you can get along with. Some breeders share their dogs with others and breed only occasionally. These breeders can provide you with a great pet for less money.

Cost of golden retriever in Hyderabad

If you want to get a Golden Retriever for yourself, the price depends on a few different factors. The breed, age, and health of the Golden Retriever will all have an impact on its cost. You should also consider delivery charges and the location you’ll be buying your pet from. Also, be sure to check for vaccinations and health issues before making your purchase.

Golden Retrievers should be de-wormed every three months. This will help prevent the dog from contracting parasites and other health conditions. The dose varies depending on the size of the dog and the amount of shedding he or she produces. In India, worming tablets cost around Rs100 per pill. In addition, your Golden will need daily grooming. They shed quite a bit of hair, especially during summertime.

Golden Retrievers are highly energetic and intelligent dogs. They are also very good with children. They enjoy playing with them and interacting with them. They are also very good with children, and can be left with them until they learn to respect their boundaries. Goldens enjoy games like Frisbee.

Goldens are loyal dogs that love spending time with their owners. They are great with children and other pets and are excellent companions. Their high intelligence makes them an excellent pet for households with children.

Cost of golden retriever in Delhi

When it comes to golden retrievers, there are many pros and cons. These lovable dogs are loyal and energetic, but they can also be quite lazy at times. Laziness can be caused by a number of factors, including medical problems, boredom, and weather conditions. Nevertheless, golden retrievers are good listeners, and they can follow simple orders and instructions.

To keep your golden retriever healthy and happy, make sure to feed it nutritious, protein-rich food. It is best to consult a veterinarian, who can recommend you the best dog food. These foods can range from 2,000 INR per kilogram to more than 7,000 INR per month.

Golden retriever puppies are very easy to train, and are great family pets. The dogs are also friendly and obedient, which makes them a good choice for first-time dog owners. Goldens love playing and spending time with their owners. Their double coat is long and thick, resembling a fluffy golden teddy bear.

Prices of Golden Retriever puppies vary by city and breed. It is best to buy a dog from a reputable breeder who has years of experience and has had puppies for sale. Always look for KCI certificates if you are considering buying a golden from a breeder.

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