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German Shepherd Puppy Price in Kerala

The german shepherd puppy price in kerala is a powerful breed of canines. It is one of the most loyal and sturdy dog breeds, possessing a bony and lean body. Despite their strength, they are not native to India, and the heat and humidity can cause their coats to shed. Hence, it is necessary to consider your climate before purchasing a German Shepherd puppy.

Sable German Shepherds

The Sable German Shepherd is a great breed of dog. They are a large breed and are very intelligent. They are also obedient and loyal. They are perfect watchdogs and will protect their owner. The Sable German Shepherd is known for its domed head and long, straight neck. They are very strong dogs and are said to be ancestors of wolves.

A Sable German Shepherd is very intelligent and loves being outdoors. They require lots of mental stimulation and exercise. Their intelligent nature makes them good companions for children and other family pets. A Sable German Shepherd is also very easy to train. The best training method for this breed is positive reinforcement. Use a combination of treats and verbal praise to encourage good behavior.

The price of a Sable German Shepherd puppy varies depending on the breed. Those that are purebred will be more expensive than those that are mixed with other breeds. The price of a Sable German Shepherd puppy can be anywhere from $800 to $1500, whereas a standard GSD puppy will cost around $300 to $700.

A Sable German Shepherd puppy is an excellent choice for a family with kids. They are very active and need daily exercise. They also need a secure yard. However, this breed does not like strangers. Therefore, they should be socialized from a young age. They are very intelligent and playful. They need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

In Kerala, single-coat German Shepherd puppies are priced around 21,500 INR. A double-coated German Shepherd puppy can cost as much as 53,000 INR. This is a high price for an attractive dog. You can also choose a double-coated German Shepherd for around 48,000 INR.

German shepherds are known to be extremely intelligent and loyal. They can be trained easily. You should keep them busy by giving them lots of exercises on a daily basis.

Panda German Shepherds

Panda German Shepherds are a unique breed of dog. These dogs have a patchy coat, and are a bit different than other German Shepherds. This unique look is the result of a genetic mutation in the dog’s coat, which is a rare mutation. While these dogs are very beautiful, some breeders are wary about their health and the potential health risks that come with such a coat color.

The cost to own a Panda German Shepherd puppy varies in India, from Rs30,000 to Rs60,000. They are available in white, black, and brown color coats. The dog is named after the panda, so their coat looks like a panda’s. Although this coat is not very common compared to other German shepherds, it is as healthy as any other German shepherd’s.

Panda German Shepherds are very active and hardworking. If you’re interested in owning a panda German Shepherd, it’s important to find a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders will check for any health conditions that could impact your dog. Also, make sure to check the ears and the nails. Because these dogs are extremely active, it’s important to keep them trimmed.

Panda German Shepherd puppies need a stable home with enough room for them to run around. However, they can adapt to smaller environments with proper training. They are intelligent, work-oriented dogs that are good with children and other pets. You should start socializing them early to ensure that they get along well with your family. This breed is also very loyal and protective of your home.

The price of a Panda German Shepherd puppy can vary from breeder to breeder, and you should always do your homework before purchasing a Panda German Shepherd puppy. A good breeder will also be able to offer you advice on training, diet, and feeding schedules. The price of a Panda German Shepherd puppy in Kerala will depend on where you find your puppy.

A Panda German Shepherd puppy is typically sold for about $450 in the state. The price is often higher than the price of an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky puppy. However, these dogs are very rare and are also expensive.

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