Top 3 the best badminton rackets in 2022

Here on Flames of Trend, we will tell you about the best badminton racket you need. As you know for every sport you need the best sports kit according to the sport so if we talk about badminton you need a professional badminton racket needed to play.

Mostly when you play like a professional you do proper game then you might need our list of best badminton racket.

There are different kinds of rackets in the market from different companies. The playing style of every player is unique from one another.

But if we talk about the rackets every racket has its unique specification and weight are different from one another. To buy a good racket you need to take care of things which are to see the weight of the racket, its design and the strings. There are many rackets that you can use but don’t be confused we will give you the best badminton rackets.

Which is the best badminton racket?

  • Doura Z Strike Racket (Yonex)
  • Jet Speed S 12 F Racket (Victor)
  • Astrox 99 Racket (Yonex)

Doura Z Strike Racket (Yonex)

Doura Z strike Racket by Yonex is listed in our best badminton racket list. The first rule of this racket is this is not made for the beginners this I made for high-class professionals. Because professionals know how to play and now how to swing the racket in different styles.

The weight of this best badminton racket is approx between 80-85 grams, which helps to give you better control of the swings. The racket is not so heavy and not so light it is just perfect.

The design of the racket is also spectacular and the grip is also very nice means gives you good handling. That’s why we put in the list of best badminton racket in 2022.

Jet Speed S 12 F Racket (Victor)

Jet speed S 12 F as you can imagine by the name of this racket what is going to be this racket now is the best badminton racket. This racket is mostly used by the players in the international championships.

The company said that this racket is specially made for professionals according to see their needs, that what they need in a racket. So here the Victor made the Jet speed S 12 F the best badminton racket.

The weight of this racket is between 87-90 grams which is a good better weight according to its handling. The racket is very balanced and good shape of the design. The power in tension is 25-29 lbs. After seeing the total specs we are convinced that we had to put in our list of the best badminton racket in 2022.

Astrox 99 Racket (Yonex)

As you know Yonex is always been on the first rank of making perfect design rackets for professional games. Yonex rackets have the best design and structure along with the strings.

Astrox 99 is also known as a smasher in the badminton players’ language. This racket is also made for professionals who need good handling with the blasting smashes. This racket is also the best badminton racket in the series of Yonex. This racket grip is outstanding which is the main reason for its popularity.

The weight of the Astros 99 Racket is about 85-90 grams and the design is best along the strings the grip size is used in this is G4 high class. So if we see the total package coming with the Astros 99 Yonex racket is not bad if we analyze. The string is also about 28-35 lbs. This racket is included in the list of best badminton rackets.  

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