Ford Explorer: Why It’s The Perfect SUV For Your Family

Ford Explorer is a modern SUV. It has been labeled the best-selling from 1991 to 2006. In 2014 it was used in more than 1/3 of all SUVs sold in America.

According to Statista, the Ford Motor company’s revenue came to around $127 billion in 2020.

Ford Explorer has been on the market for more than 20 years, which means many different versions of it. It is a great family car and often becomes a best seller.

Ford Explorer offers exceptional stability on the road. It has excellent off-road capabilities, thanks to its high ground clearance. This article will help you get more info on why it is the perfect SUV for your family.

1) Safety

One of the significant features of the Ford Explorer is its safety. The car generally comes with many airbags and seat belts, making it one of the safest SUVs. It offers rearview parking sensors.

The feature helps you avoid hitting any objects behind your vehicle while back up from a spot.

In addition to that, there is a modern security system for the car. It has particular keyless entry and ignition and high-speed theft and intrusion alarms.

2) Off-Road Capabilities

Even though this SUV is on the road most of the time, it offers excellent off-road performance. You will not be discouraged if you plan to buy it mainly because you want to use it on trails.

It is smaller than other SUVs out there, making it lighter and more dynamic on the road. It has one of the best-engineered suspensions in its class.

Ford Explorer has a ground clearance of around 11 inches which means the car can quickly deal with most harsh terrains.

3) Interior Design

It is very spacious inside, making it the perfect SUV for prominent families or friends who are always on the road with you. It is one of those cars where everyone will have enough space to feel comfortable.

Even if many people are in the car, their luggage will also fit easily in the car’s trunk. It is a very versatile car, allowing you to carry numerous items with you for any road trip.

4) Fuel Economy

As we all know, this is one of the biggest problems in most American and European households: the price of gas has increased dramatically over the past decade or so. If you cannot afford that and you need a fuel-efficient vehicle, Ford Explorer will be the perfect car for you.

It has an average of 19 mpg combined on gasoline [EPA estimates]. Also, its aerodynamic performance reduces the amount of wind resistance that the car produces. Of course, this makes it even more efficient on both short and long drives.

5) Price

The last but most minor reason Ford Explorer is the perfect SUV for your family is its price. It comes in various models, giving you many options to choose from. You will get a decent car no matter which one you decide on buying. The starting price comes down to around $31,000, and it can go up to as high as $45,000.

But if you wish to buy this particular SUV, you must check out all its features before making your final purchase decision and get more info about the car.

6) Availability

The car is available almost all over the United States. It is assembled in Louisville and Chicago and has nearly 7,000 dealerships across the country that provide parts and warranty service for this particular vehicle. It is one of the most popular SUVs, which means you will have no difficulty finding it.

7) Design

Ford Explorer looks like a luxury car. It has an exquisite design that will appeal to many people, both men and women alike. Even though it is big on the outside, it does not feel that way while you’re inside it. 

The interior seems even more spacious than it is thanks to its innovative roofline, which makes it very comfortable for everyone.

8) The Car’s Reputation

The last but not most minor reason Ford Explorer is the perfect SUV for your family is its excellent reputation. Ford first launched it in 1990, and it became trendy almost overnight. The carmaker decided to make several versions of this vehicle, contributing to its popularity.

9) The Car’s Comfort

Even though Ford Explorer is not the most comfortable car on the road, it offers exceptional comfort for its passengers. It has more legroom than other SUVs of its class, giving you enough room to stretch your legs during long drives.

If you want a vehicle that will not break down easily and does not need constant repair work or maintenance, Ford Explorer is a perfect choice.

Ford Explorer is the right SUV for your family is its excellent durability and reliability.

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