A Beginner’s Guide To Tyre Maintenance: Dos And Don’ts

Most insurance companies frequently deny car insurance claims if you are a first-timer. This is essential since most tyres and automotive accessories don’t meet minimum requirements for roadworthiness. However, it’s necessary to mention that tyre maintenance is not only crucial for ensuring complete payment for your claim. 

To put it simply, tyre maintenance should promise zero to minimal unpleasant situations. You don’t want to get into a life-threatening accident or face uncertainty on the side of the road because did not have the best air pump for car in India.

Utilise this list of do’s and don’ts to keep your tyres safe for the road.

The DON’Ts That You Ought To Remember

Drive Carefully

It’s necessary to mention that your driving style directly impacts your tyres. Moreover, also note that it also influences its longevity. For instance, tyres suffer severe damage when accelerating and braking too quickly. Alternatively, an underwhelming tire’s rubber and supporting components degrade more rapidly, making it unfit for use on the road.

Don’t Install Unequal Tyres

There’s no denying that very few people are knowledgeable about this specific “don’t.” However, it would be best if you comprehended the consequences of mounting the wrong tyres. Simply put, improper tyres will impair your vehicle’s handling. This will result in more strain on the other tyres. By mounting tyres from various manufacturers on the same axle, you will do more bad than good for tyre maintenance. 

Your Goal Should Be the Dos

Check The Pressure In Your Tyres Frequently

Remember that under-inflated tyres are a significant factor in crashes involving tyres. This is because flatter tyres wear out their treads more quickly. Blowouts follow, which can have disastrous consequences on the road. 

You must ideally consider checking your tyre pressure regularly to avoid driving on under-inflated tyres and lengthen their life. Moreover, from the perspective of tyre maintenance, it promises security to your tyres. To determine the ideal tyre pressure for your car, consult your owner’s manual or the information placard on the door frame.

Do Turn The Tyres

As per the experts, keep in mind rotating your tyres every 8k to 10k kilometres. You will retain the functionality of your tyres for a long if you follow this approach. You can go to the tyre shop that sold you the wheels, and they might offer free tyre rotation. If they don’t, it’s essential to know that tyre rotations are generally affordable.

Replace Tyre Valves As Soon As Possible

Ideally, it would be best to have tyre valves to keep your tyres safe for use on the road. When the valves are functioning correctly, they seal the tyre airtight. Regarding tyre maintenance, this takes care of the air pressure in the tyre. 

Therefore, an underwhelming valve can result in air loss and let outside dust particles into the tyre. This shortens the life of a tyre and is particularly risky when travelling at high speeds. Therefore, you should consider replacing your tyre valves and valve caps every time you buy new tyres.

Warning for Tyre Maintenance

According to the experts, you must ideally consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual before replacing your tyres. This is essential since a modification to the size or type of tyre may have a significant impact on the way the vehicle handles. In addition, you should look to bring in a professional to ensure correct clearance, load-carrying capacity, and inflation pressure when choosing tyres.

Additionally, you must never go over the tyre’s maximum inflation pressure and load capacity. Instead, stick to the original equipment tyre’s load-carrying ability and outside diameter when replacing tyres. You may need to change the inflation pressure to prevent overloading the tyre.

Why Invest In Tyre Maintenance?

There’s no denying that you must ideally invest in premium car maintenance if you want to keep both yourself and other drivers safe on the road. So naturally, this calls for you to check your tyres. This is because they are among the most accessible car parts to maintain.

Additionally, it could mean the difference between paying out of pocket and having your insurer take care of the costs if you file a car insurance claim.

Simply put, you should consider getting car insurance if you don’t have one initially. This will allow you to cover unforeseen costs that come with your vehicle. Why not evaluate prices from reputable insurers? 

The majority of them provide award-winning service in addition to affordable coverage. Moreover, you can enjoy monthly premiums that decrease by the depreciation of your vehicle.


Modern vehicles, which are better and faster than their predecessors, rely on high-functioning tyres to enhance driving security, comfort, and enjoyment. Visit Carorbis right away if you need more assistance on tyre maintenance.

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