Facts About The TV And Radio Industry Everyone Should Know

The 21st century has seen the birth of new, digital forms of entertainment. However, plenty of people still enjoy older forms of media. Traditional TV is keeping up in the age of Netflix, and plenty of people still listen to the radio every morning.

TV and radio were the old titans of the media world. But how much do you know about the TV industry and radio industry? This article will give you everything you need to know about these two not-outdated wings of the entertainment business.

1. Most TV Shows Are Written By Many People

Unlike the world of literature, where books are usually written by one person, and film, where scripts are usually done by one or two people, TV shows, for the most part, are designed by a committee.

TV shows are written in “writers room” led by a “head writer”. This head writer may or may not be the showrunner of the show, and the person who created the show.

The size of the writer’s room usually depends upon how big the show is, and how many episodes there are per season. They all work differently, but usually, everybody comes up with an idea. The showrunner writes down the one he/she likes the most, and figures out the plot structure.

Once the plot is figured out, that episode is assigned to one of the writers to write.

2. More Americans Listen To the Radio Than Podcasts

Don’t believe the hype! Though many people say podcasts are the way of the future, and there are some genuine podcast stars — like Joe Rogan — radio is at least twice as popular as podcasts.

We think this has something to do with the history and ease of Radio. You have to pick out which individual podcast you want and catch up with episodes. However, with the radio, you can simply tune in whenever you’re in the car.

3. Radio Has History Tied To It

Radio also has American history tied to it. FDR famously communicated to the American people through his “fireside chats”, and Orson Welles shocked the world with his famous radio plays around the same area,

On top of all of that, the radio is just a lot more personal than a podcast is. Whereas podcasts are usually highly polished, pre-recorded, and edited, radios are broadcast live. You get that incredible, electric, “anything-can-happen” feeling that you often get when you’re just hanging out with your friends.

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TV and Radio Are Still Alive

Though YouTube, Twitch streaming, and podcasts have taken over the hearts and minds of young people, traditional TV and radio are still alive. The committee writing of television, combined with the history of radio, makes these two media indestructible against the changes of time. For more articles like this, check out our “technology” section

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