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Furniture Care Tips While Relocation

Moving cities can be exciting as well as exhausting because you need to plan everything well ahead for a smooth transition. Shifting the household items safely becomes a priority and especially the furniture because the last thing that you want is your newly bought sofa sustaining scratches, glass table to crack, or the upholstery of your dining chairs to rip. We are here to share some furniture care tips so that you can safely move these to the new city without worrying about the damage.

1. Make an Inventory of the Furniture: This the most basic step you should start with. Create a list of heavy furniture items like bed, sofa set, tv stand, dining table, the coffee table under one category, and light furniture items like a side table, balcony chairs, etc… This will also help you assess if your furniture has any existing damage before the shifting is done. This way you can determine if there has been any additional damage during the shifting.

2. Collect The Packaging Material: Keep the packaging material ready and handy before you start moving. Your packaging material includes bubble wraps, protective covers or sheets, plastic covers, stretch wraps, cardboard boxes, mattress covers, etc… You may also have to keep some tools handy like the drill machine, cutting plyer, screwdriver, ranch, cardboard knife to name a few.

3. Clean Furniture Before Packing: Take some time out and clean the furniture piece by piece before packing. Sometimes the dust and the grim may cause damage to the furniture while packing or transportation. Besides, it’s always good to enter the new house with clean things.

4. Dismantle What Furniture You Can:  As far as possible dismantle whatever furniture you can. Remove the legs of the table, and separate it from the glass tabletop. Carefully, separate the wooden frame of the bed. This is will make the transport of furniture easier and hassle-free. Keep the following tips in mind:

– Always read the user manual before you start dismantling the furniture so that you do it correctly rather than trying and testing your method that can lead to cracking of the furniture.

– If the furniture has lots of nuts, bolts, and screws, store them in a sealable bag and label them appropriately to avoid confusion in the future.

– Use a drilling machine whenever required to safely and quickly remove the screws.

5. Wrap The Furniture Properly: Use bubble wrap for packing the furniture with glass-like your dressing table glass shelves, coffee table or center table, and mirrors. Wrap them completely in multiple rounds and secure all the corners with tape. You get special sofa covers to wrap the cushions and other upholstery items. It’s a good idea to place thick cardboard sheets between different furniture pieces to avoid friction between them while they are on a moving truck.

6. Seek Professional Help: If you think the whole shifting is overwhelming you, then you can always rely on professional packers and movers who are well trained to transport your household items with utmost care.

With the pointers, we hope you can beat the stress of moving your furniture in a truly safe manner.

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