Be Preventative – Not Reactive

Preventative. A word that should stand on its own strength with a definition of “used to stop something bad from happening.”. Now combine that with the word maintenance and the result is one of the most important outcomes of using Maxpanda CMMS – preventative maintenance. In fact, maintenance management software can reduce downtime so you’re pm’s last longer.

One of our largest customers is required to provide records to maintain government funding. That doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult until you take into account the sheer amount of paperwork required for over 1200 buildings. Remember to consider not only the time to create the work orders, implement them, send them, update them, and then the administration that is required to file and maintain them. Now take that number and multiply it by approximately 3500. How easy would it be for just one to fall through the cracks without maintenance management software? Focus on the word cracks, which will become important shortly.

When they started with our CMMS maintenance management software, notifications for regular maintenance were established. One of the first alerts they received was to conduct a monthly inspection of one of the rooftop HVAC units. This unit was on one of their building which had received several complaints about a moldy smell. Maintenance had attended the site numerous times and deemed the odor to be due to the extracurricular activities of the tenants within. In the process of completing the aforementioned inspection, the maintenance management software team noticed large cracks in the rooftop of the facility, clearly the cause of the mold.

As a Building, Property, or Facilities Manager you are most likely aware of the difference in costs of patching a roof and repairing a roof. Imagine if the maintenance management software you used to manage your buildings could prevent this. With Maxpanda CMMS maintenance management software, preventative maintenance can be more than a phrase, it can be a reality that could save you the time, money, and frustration described in the story above. Instead of being reactive to the situation, you can proactively plan to mitigate breakdowns, track inventory, and repair history, and stay on top of maintenance issues – before they become repairs.

At Maxpanda CMMS maintenance management software, we are ready and waiting to take away your CMMS software woes and replace them with a helpful preventative maintenance program that makes your maintenance management software ticketing routine a breeze. We’re confident that you will be happier after switching over. Connect with us today to get started on the road to a better CMMS for your organization.

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