A Quick Guide To Creating A Custom Car Audio System

Are you someone that gets a little road rage? Music could help. Research shows that listening to music prior to a stressor significantly improves a person’s response to it.

If your car stereo system is going down the tube, this might not be an option for you. However, a poor audio system is a perfect excuse to invest in a custom car audio setup.

We’re going to take a look at the nuts and bolts of a vehicle sound system, giving you some insights into the things you need. We hope the ideas below help you create the perfect sound system for yourself.

Custom Car Audio Essentials

The best way to curate your system is to understand what constitutes a car’s audio system, then to make purchases based on what you like. You should plan in the order that the signal and sound travel, starting with the receiver and moving all the way through to the speaker.

The thing that receives sound is called a “deck,” “stereo deck,” or “receiver.” These all refer to the same thing. It’s the adjustable screen or series of buttons that sit to the right of your steering wheel.

This is where you engage with all car media. If you’re into screens that interact with your phone, make sure to look for sophisticated decks. So long as you can adjust the sound with the device though, you don’t need to invest in bells and whistles here if you don’t want to.


The amplifier takes the signal from the receiver and boosts it. That means you’re able to adjust the volume to a wider range with a good amplifier.

Standard car amplifiers aren’t capable of expressing the full range of aftermarket speakers. If you purchase marine speakers, for example, you might want to buy a new amp to get your money’s worth for the speakers.

Subs, Mids, and Tweeters

Now we arrive at the speakers. There are specific speakers that cater to the low, middle, and high-ends of the audio frequency spectrum. Without specific speakers to optimize those sections of the frequency, you lose a lot of nuance and detail in the audio.

You can balance your budget, depending on the type of music you like. For example, someone who listens to a lot of hip hop, R&B, or electronic music might invest more heavily in the subwoofers (low-end). A person who appreciates the violin section of the New York Philharmonic might put a little more money into the tweeters (high-end).

For most of us, the key ingredients of beautiful music sit in the middle range. That means your money is best-directed toward the door speakers (middle frequency).

Want to Improve Your Audio System?

We hope our look at custom car audio aspects was useful to you. There’s a lot more to learn though, and we’re here to help you out with more ideas. You can get deep into the sound system rabbit hole and find the perfect products for yourself.

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