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3 Topmost use-able best free VPN chrome extensions

Here on Flames of Trend, we will give you the topmost use-able best free VPN chrome extensions. If you don’t know what Vpn stands for then it stands for the virtual private network. Vpn is used to access the website which you can’t in your country or location.

Vpn is used to access the blocked site in a specific country. You can also change your location of a specific country to another country, location, or IP address.

Using Vpn through the application is now old-fashioned in this generation, Nor new generation started in which the consumer used Vpn chrome extensions. So we will give you the list of the most useable best free Vpn Chrome extensions you can use for free.

What are the best free vpn chrome extensions?

There are top best free chrome extensions free to use are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Hotspot Shield


Express VPN is listed in our best free VPN Chrome extensions list. Express Vpn gives you almost 100 countries connection for you just have to click. It works for free to some extent and gives you many facilities. Express Vpn is basically different from other VPNs. It is another type of Vpn which gives you to convert your location to incognito mode.

This is the best free chrome extension to use it also gives you many services to protect you so that you can work safely and without any hurdles. The speed of this free VPN is the same as that of other VPNs. They are covering almost the globe. Easy to use interference for consumers of VPN chromes extensions.

It also gives you a premium which is a paid version. But in their free VPN chrome extension, they are giving you to access the location of almost any main country and their regions so you don’t have to buy their paid version.


The most famous VPN and best to use in VPN chrome extension free. Their Virtual private network is the fastest and most reliable to use. We also include it in our topmost best free VPN chrome extensions. Most VPN slows your device when you connect. But the Nord VPN will not slow your device or your network speed.

It is also has a very quick learning interface and easy to use. When you connect the VPN from the VPN chrome extension, it just discloses your IP address and changes it to your selected IP address. This best VPN also vanishes your original location and swap it to your current selected region. NordVPN have a proper team sitting behind their system so you can also contact them if you have any query they are giving 24 hrs support for their consumers.

Nord VPN gives you a premium version a paid version, but they also have a premium version that can solve all your problems you don’t have to buy their premium version.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is the eldest VPN company giving you a perfect and reliable virtual private network. As this best VPN application is very old so obviously it is the most useable best free VPN chrome extension that has almost 700 + million downloads till now.

The benefits of hotspot shields are that they give a lightning-fast speed in their network and they are covering almost the globe. That’s why most people use the application so know you can use their free VPN chrome extension. They have a built-in function that in their premium paid version they just hide the location of the IP address means your genuine location and changes it to the location of your chosen network or you can hide the location and use it safely.

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