Inventions Made For People With Diabetes

Diabetes has been a problem, and inventions, appliances, or materials were made to help diabetic patients. If you have diabetes, it can be hard to manage the conditions and symptoms it has brought to your body. These inventions can make life with diabetes so much easier and more manageable. Diabetic patients are growing worldwide, and the help of technology made it possible for diabetic patients and doctors to know and handle diabetes more efficiently.

Inventions made for people with diabetes.

  • The pen that tracks your insulin dose – For people experiencing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, injecting insulin is a big part of their daily routine. Some people choose to get insulin through injection or pump, and they use a pen for some people.  “Timesulin” created a pen that tracks your last insulin dose. With the help of this pen, diabetic patients won’t be having a hard time remembering what time they took their last dose, and they will also be reminded. This pen costs around $29 in the US. These pen caps are available at drug stores or online.
  • Omnipod – These are tubeless insulin pumps, and they are made by the company called “Insulet.” An omnipod will go directly on your body and sync with a wireless controller, unlike other devices.  This device would deliver up to 3 days worth of insulin. These omnipods can make diabetic children’s diabetes more manageable; they can still do activities that bring fun without worrying about how much insulin their body is getting. Parents can control these devices and help their children.
  • Glucose monitors that can get software updates – A company named “Livongo,” with the help of this device, you won’t need to buy or upgrade your glucose meters. This device will help you keep track of your insulin blood sugar level and remind you of your sugar level just like a standard glucose meter, but with the help of Livongo, you won’t need to spend a lot of money buying new pairs of glucose meters.
  • Artificial pancreas – This device is made by the company “Medtronic” and is called the MiniMed 670G. It copies how a healthy pancreas works and how it regulates glucose. It works by automatically monitoring a person’s blood sugar levels and administering insulin as needed, and no constant checking and the need for injection is required.
  • Wireless glucose monitor – This glucose monitor is not like any other. It can send blood sugar data to your smartphone. This wireless glucose monitor is made by the company Dexcom. Its continuous monitoring lets you see not only when blood sugar is too high or too low but also whether it is rising or falling. It enables you to keep track of your blood sugar level through your smartphone.
  • Cell regeneration – A patient in Queensland, Australia, was believed to be the world’s first to get a breakthrough type-1 diabetes treatment. The medication is expected to aid in the regeneration of insulin-producing beta cells. If the study were successful, patients would be less reliant on injections and less vulnerable to long-term diabetic consequences.
  • Diabetes vaccine – One injection of the BCG tuberculosis vaccine followed by a booster four weeks later has been found to help regain near-normal blood levels in patients with type-1 diabetes. The effect has lasted for more than five years. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks itself. For more than 30 years, BCG has been recognized to generate a response that could prevent an auto-immune reaction.
  • DSC Sock Aid Slider Kit (Easy On, Easy Off)DSC Sock Aid Slider Kit (Easy On, Easy Off)  includes a sock cradle and a long handle that allows you to put your socks on without bending, twisting, or turning. The handle will also assist you in removing your socks when you’re through wearing them and holding your shoes in position while putting them on. This technique works with a variety of socks, including formal socks, casual socks, athletic socks, compression socks, and of course, diabetic socks.

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