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11 stunning free online cloud storage 1tb

Before we give you 11 stunning free online cloud storage websites that are give more than 1 terabyte, we tell you about what is cloud storage and its basic purpose.

What is cloud storage and its purpose?

Here on flamesoftrend, we will tell you the basic purpose of cloud storage and what is cloud storage.

In this new and advanced era of technology, there are no worries that you don’t have any storage in your gadgets and devices. You can store anything you want on cloud storage.

So what is the cloud?. Cloud storage is an online storage reservoir, your data is stored on the server. Which is placed in all the world.

Access your data anytime, anywhere, and when you want to access it. But the condition is for accessing your data or storing it on the cloud. Your device must be connected to the internet.

You can store data, access your data. It does not depend on what type of nature of file you want to upload. Access data from any device, only you need a better internet connection.

The purpose of cloud storage is you can store your data online and also access it whenever you want. With cloud storage, you can’t lose your data. You can also increase storage online when you need it and the company assists you to secure your data in the best way.

So we will give you the stunning free online cloud storage sites

Here are the free online cloud storage

  1. Degoo
  2. Internxt
  3. Yandex Disk
  4. Koofr
  5. Mega
  6. Google Drive
  8. WorkDrive
  9. IDrive
  10. Dropbox
  11. Amazon Drive


Degoo is an online cloud storage company. Giving you the best and free online cloud storage. It was founded in 2012 and it is in Sweden. Their company works globally. They are covering all the world.

For their clients, they are offering top-notch cloud storage. They are offering 24 hours support for their clients.


Internxt is a new company in the market. Giving their quality services since 2020.  They have an experienced team. They don’t only give free online cloud storage but also develop new applications for their clients to help them in their work.

Their cloud storage is totally free and unlimited unless you wanted more storage then you have to pay. They give you 10GB of free space.

Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk gives you 10GB of free cloud storage. They have also one best feature which when you give access to photos on your phone it will automatically store and upload all the photos on cloud storage. You can have more storage up to 30 GB.


Koofr is a group of companies doing handwork to give their customers smooth online cloud storage. They are pushing their limits to conquer the goal. Koofr giving 10GB of storage.


Mega provides you free cloud storage of more than 50 GB. They wanted to feel their customers that there is no distance between us. We are here to help you, giving your 24 hours services.

They said that we are the best of the best.

Google Drive

As you know google never disappointed us in any way. They provide more than 15GB of cloud storage. You can access their application or website from anywhere. is also online cloud storage giving its stunning services worldwide. They are providing about 5GB of free storage. Their cloud storage is very smooth and doesn’t browse so much.

Work Drive

This company is re-shaping the technology which is safe, faster, and easy to use. They provide more than 10GB of free space.


IDrive also offers you free storage. They only provide you with 5 GB of free storage.


You know Dropbox is a very popular and premium online cloud storage. They are giving you the same storage as google drive is offering. Providing up to 20GB storage.

Amazon Drive

Who doesn’t know about Amazon’s biggest marketplace platform, so after they develop this platform they are also giving you cloud storage drive for their consumers if they need to. They are providing 10 GB of free space

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