Productivity for the Modern Entrepreneur

We live in a world of constant distractions. Our phones, email, social media—these are just a few things that can distract us during the day. But what if you could work smarter and be more efficient? What if you could get your most important work done at a much faster rate? Juggling all your responsibilities can be exhausting, but there are some simple ways to stay productive. 

Plan with Time Blocking

Time blocking is a system that allows you to prioritize your work by assigning blocks of time to specific activities. As you are scheduling your week, block certain times to work on the tasks you need to get done, whether it’s balancing the books or studying for your bachelor’s degree online. Whether you use a calendar app on your phone, a paper planner or a hybrid system, you can create a schedule to fit in everything you think is important. Arranging your blocks by themes can help you focus on similar tasks in each block. You may even automate tasks in batches, like answering emails. Delegate as much as possible. Make sure you include time for rest and fun!

Manage Your Energy Levels

Whether you’re working full time or have a flexible schedule, it’s important to learn how to manage your energy levels throughout the day. The ability to be mindful of your energy levels and work capacity can be a powerful asset in the modern workplace. Getting enough rest, exercising at least three times a week, and eating healthy are all things that can help you keep your energy high so you can maintain your busy schedule. You can manage stress with daily meditation or hiking in the great outdoors. Keeping your energy high will help you stay healthy and happy while succeeding in your business. 

Use Gamification

Gamification uses the mentality of playing a game to complete tasks. Apps like Habitica can help you gamify your productivity, or you can just use a piece of paper to keep a score on the tasks you do each day. Prioritize your most important tasks with higher scores and give yourself bonuses for tasks completed in a more efficient way without sacrificing the quality of your work. Give yourself a minimum of points just for starting a task and doing it for one minute. 

Block Distractions

Blocking distracting websites and apps from your computer is one of the most important things you can do. This includes emails and social media sites. If you have a work computer, you can disable it entirely, or you can schedule work time using apps like Freedom. This will keep your work computer as quiet as possible and allow you to concentrate on your tasks.

Throughout the day, motivation will ebb and flow. We all have days when we can get a lot of work done and days when we feel as though we’re doing nothing. To make sure you follow your routines each day, make a plan and set reminders on your phone or in your planner. Leverage the people and resources around you who can help you succeed.

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