Car Care 101: Five Engine Maintenance Tips to Help It Run Longer

A car is probably one of the most significant investments an individual can make in their life. After its purchase, it would make sense if one took all the necessary steps to protect and maintain it.

However, as a new driver, it may be a little confusing, and at times, you may not know where to start. So, how does one go about protecting their investment?

For starters, cars require regular checkups and maintenance as prescribed by their manufacturer. However, if you want to take it a step further, you should know that you need to maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s engine. Ask any driver you know, and they would tell you that the most important part of a car is its engine.

In more ways than one, a car’s engine is its heart. That said, engines need to run smoothly so as to keep your car moving forward. However, maintaining your car’s engine requires so much more than just giving it the necessary synthetic oil or engine oil. To know the various ways of extending your car engine’s life, read below:

1.) Change engine oil at regular intervals

Among the most basic things you can do for your car engine is to change its engine oil at regular intervals. A car’s engine oil ensures that all moving parts are well lubricated so that your vehicle’s wear and tear is minimal. Additionally, it traps all the dirt, dust, and sediments and keeps them away from places they should not be in.

2.) Let it breathe 

Much like you need air to breathe when you are out of breath, your engine needs oxygen as well. Constricted air flows may cause the inefficient burning of fuel and, in turn, increase emissions and reduce gas mileage. That said, always check your engine’s air filter and have it cleaned and changed when it is filled with dirty or has debris stuck to it. A clean engine is a functioning engine that will last.

3.) Check on the cooling system

Your engine burns fuel, and even though there have been plenty of innovations in its efficiency, energy is still lost during combustion in the form of heat. Keep in mind that your car engine is made out of metals and alloys, which do not really play nice with heat. That said, you should always ensure that you have enough coolant in your tank as it is vital in heat dissipation. Also, it is a good idea to keep a close watch on your engine’s temperature gauge on a particularly hot day and shut your car down should it get close to overheating.

4.) Check for leaks

If you spot any fluid streaks on the ground when pulling out of the driveway, visit your nearest mechanic and have your vehicle checked. Alternatively, you may check it yourself by cracking up the hood to see or smell if something is leaking. Engine oil and antifreeze are two fluids you should look out for when checking for leaks.

5.) Stop relying on your reserve fuel

Once your gas gauge hits empty, it does not necessarily mean that your car is out of gas as it still has reserve fuel. However, keep in mind that petrol contains sediments that settle at the bottom of your tank. After prolonged use, there will be a layer of gunk and crap that should not reach your engine. Running on low fuel puts your car at risk as this junk can enter the fuel pump. That said, always top up your tank and save yourself costly repair costs.

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