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A Homeowner’s Guide To Garage Organizing: 5 Tips You Can’t Ignore

In a recent survey, only 11% of homeowners were completely satisfied with their home garages. For the other 89%, there’s room for garage organizing. Utilizing the best garage storage ideas can give you the space you need.

In this article, we discuss garage organizing, including how to keep your garage organized and how to keep your garage clean. Continue reading so you can start using the best garage organization tips.

1. Create a Game Plan

Before you can up your garage organizing game, you need to create a game plan. Start by considering the size and layout of your garage. Take a look around and think about what areas are giving you the most trouble.

Then, you can look at what areas are underutilized in terms of how to keep your garage organized. Decide if you can replace your garage door or put up some new shelves to create more space visually and/or physically.

2. Ask What You (Really) Need

When it comes to how to keep your garage organized, you should ask yourself what you need. Then, you should ask yourself what you really need. If certain items don’t make the list, then consider donating or trashing them.

Especially for smaller garages, space is precious and shouldn’t be occupied with things you don’t use. It can be tough to get rid of those ‘someday’ items, but you’ll be glad to have the space in the end.

3. Consider Open Shelves

One of the best methods as far as how to keep your garage clean is the use of open shelves. This is one of our favorite garage storage ideas because it provides an easy way to access your belongings without having to dig through piles.

Unlike closed shelves, there’s no need to struggle with opening doors in tight spaces or ensuring they can close properly. When space is a premium, having to leave room for the doors to open can be frustrating.

4. Keep the Floor Clear

Keeping the floor clear is one of our garage organization tips that’ll keep you from tripping over your belongings. While it can be tempting to pile things in a low-traffic corner, clutter has a tendency to build up quickly.

A big part of garage organizing is preventing this type of clutter. Try your best to keep things off the floor, so there’s more walking space. This also helps the room feel and appear larger.

5. Consider a Workbench

While you work on how to organize a garage, consider whether a workbench would be beneficial. Some of the clutter in garages comes from projects or other work. As projects get forgotten, they fall to the wayside in a pile of clutter.

A workbench can be a nice catchall for ongoing projects. Plus, having a designated space for work can help you become more motivated to keep it clear. Be sure to choose a low-traffic area in your garage to assemble your workspace.

Get Started with Garage Organizing

Keeping up with garage organizing can be manageable by utilizing these garage organization tips. Make a plan and decide what changes you need to make. This will help reduce clutter and give you more space in your home garage.

For more tips and recommendations you can start using today, visit our blog.

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