Hospital Stays Are Different From Stays At Detox Centers

Substance-use disorder patients have had many successful hospital detox experiences. However, many patients are now choosing specialized new medical detox centers today. 

Hospital Staff

It’s true that the medical staff members at many hospitals are technically available all day and every day. Still, many hospitals don’t have enough staff members at almost any given time. The staff members at hospitals often work with multiple patients every day. They’ll make every effort to spend as much time as they can with every patient, but they will sometimes have issues. Professional Denver detox centers will typically have fewer staff members than many hospitals, as well as significantly fewer patients. Individual patients may be able to get more assistance as a result. 

The different medical staff members at detox centers may also be less physically and emotionally exhausted than many hospital staff members. Hard-working individuals who are used to working very long hours may still try to be as energetic as possible, but it’s difficult for them to completely avoid the consequences of work schedules like that.

Detox center staff members work hard, but their schedules may be at least relatively easy to manage. There will be someone available to help a detox center patient all day, and that professional may be less tired than a professional employed by a hospital. 

All hospitals vary, but people may still have similar experiences at different hospitals. It’s also important to remember that hospitals and detox centers may have at least slightly different goals for substance-use disorder patients who are admitted there. 

Patient Stabilization

The substance use disorder patients who are admitted into most hospitals will often have very severe symptoms. Hospital staff members will make sure that the patients are in a stable condition when they are discharged from the hospital. 

However, being in a stable condition at that point still won’t necessarily mean that the patient has made any other long-term changes. Some patients might decide to seek treatment from other sources after having an experience like that. Still, they’ll make permanent changes as a result of the therapy that they will receive from the other sources, and not from the hospital experience itself in those cases. 

The detox centers have the goal of helping substance-use disorder patients genuinely reach a state of sobriety. Hospitals might have staff members with psychology training, but they’ll still focus on making a patient stable at the hospital, and not necessarily truly sober.

Center Recovery

Patients will not have to have these sorts of hospital emergencies before they can be admitted into the detox centers. Plenty of patients will voluntarily choose to go to detox centers after lucidly realizing that they have problems with substance use. 

Some patients might find it much easier to successfully recover if they decide to go to detox centers before they have reached that point. They might avoid some symptoms and long-term physical damage associated with substance-use disorders. Those patients will also certainly avoid the expenses associated with most lengthy hospital stays. The substance-use disorder patients who are admitted into the hospital for the sake of detoxing might be there for a full five days. 

Even staying at a hospital for one full day can be costly. After five days, the hospital expenses might be alarmingly high, particularly for patients who are already struggling with important mental health concerns. A detox center might be more cost-effective for a lot of patients since these centers are committed to helping patients become sober and not just stable. The hospital can help in an absolute medical emergency, but a detox center can help patients make fundamental changes. 

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