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5 Cool Examples Of Bird Feeders For Your Backyard

Birds are a crucial part of the ecosystem, and you can contribute to their health and happiness by feeding them in your own backyard.

If you’re thinking of adding some bird feeders to your home, there are many unique options to consider.

Check out this list of five cool examples of unique bird feeders to bring into your own backyard.

1. Tube Feeders

Featured in a long cylindrical shape, tube bird feeders are a great choice for smaller songbirds. These feeders hang from a tree or hook and usually include a protective cover to keep the birds and food cool.

Fill your tube feeder with birdseed and watch your feathered friends flock to your yard. Make sure the feeder includes plenty of holes, and perches so the birds can stay supported while they eat.

2. Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is a popular type of bird food that comes in a variety of formulations. These cakes are easy to use, less messy than traditional birdseed, and inexpensive.

Most suet feeders feature a cage-like design that holds the suet cakes in place. Try a double suet feeder for maximum birdwatching fun.

3. Finch Feeders

Finches are tiny birds that will flock to your yard if food is available. Most finch feeders feature a net or mesh sock that hangs from a hook for support.

You can find bird feeders for sale and read reviews on In addition to finches, other small birds may flock here including towhees and nuthatches.

4. Ball Bird Feeders

A ball feeder is made of a durable wire mesh that makes it easy for birds to eat things like black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, or a mixture of bird food ingredients. Some of the seeds may fall out of the ball, but smaller birds enjoy eating their food from the ground.

Make sure you choose a durable version of these unique bird feeders that won’t get damaged if a nosy squirrel hops on. The spherical shape makes them a fun addition to your backyard, and they’re easy to hang anywhere.

5. Large Feeders

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time refilling your feeder, consider large bird feeders that can hold a lot more seeds. Most of these designs include a wide roof to provide shade and protection to your feathered friends.

When choosing a larger feeder, make sure you know how to clean bird feeders properly to ensure that it doesn’t grow mold or bacteria. The large size allows for more food, and will also typically attract a larger variety of species to your yard.

Start Birdwatching Today

If you love the idea of attracting birds to your backyard, keep these bird feeders in mind. From a tube design to a suet cake holder, it’s easy to bring a unique assortment of pieces right to your garden.

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