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Top Social Media Influencers: How To Become One

Do you aim to become one of the top social media influencers and earn as much as they do?

It requires gaining millions of followers on social media. You also have to be a credible source of information and entertainment. However, it’s not as impossible as one might think.

Don’t fret, we’ve got the crucial steps right here for you. Learn how to become a social media influencer with our guide below:

Pick a Niche

Becoming a social media influencer means you are the go-to authority, a credible expert, in one field.

If you’re an influencer on makeup, for example, it means people check out your content because you know which makeup products to get and you do regular reviews. If you’re a video game influencer, it means people like your content because you’re an expert on some types of games.

You could focus on retro games, FPS titles, or solely on games on the Playstation 5 or only on the Nintendo Switch.

Choose the Right Platform

Don’t try to become an influencer on every platform. Pick one that caters to your audience and focus all your efforts there.

Keep in mind that every platform caters to different types of users. Instagram prioritizes static visual media while TikTok’s strengths are in short videos. Your choice of platform determines your audience demographics and the kind of content you’ll work on.

TikTok alone has over 800 million users per month, with approximately 2 billion downloads so far. Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube are even bigger platforms.

Define Your Audience

Know who your audience is. Identify their age range, gender, location, and the kind of content they prefer. This will help you know what, when, and where to post.

For example, if your target audiences are gamers under the age of 18, you should focus on releasing content on Friday evenings and weekends. This ensures they aren’t at school and can see your posts as soon as you upload them.

Once you know who your audiences are, it’s time to make a schedule that works for you and them.

Have a Schedule

Formulate a schedule that guarantees the highest exposure and engagement rates. However, don’t simply go with the “most are online on Saturday so I’ll post then” strategy. You have to dig a few layers deeper.

Dive deeper into your metrics. Identify when video posts garner engagement, when do live streams attract the most viewers, and when do static photo posts get the most shares and comments. Create a schedule for all of your content.

Following that schedule can seem difficult. Make it easier with tools like HootSuite. These apps allow you to prepare posts and then schedule when they’ll go live.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords in Search Engine Optimization. They help people find the content they like relevant to certain niches and topics. Solid social media influencer marketing relies on using both high-volume and low-volume hashtags.

High-volume hashtags matter because these are the ones most people use.

The problem is that others use them too so your content might get buried. That’s why you need to use a few low-volume hashtags too. They’re more unique and you could monopolize that corner before anyone else uses those specific hashtags.

Collaborate With Others

You’re not going to become a social media influencer on your own. You need to work with other influencers to gain a following and to establish your credibility. When another influencer endorses you, it lets their audiences know that you are a legitimate authority who deserves attention.

Of course, you shouldn’t only work with other influencers.

Don’t hesitate to work with a reliable social media influencer agency to get a good start. Network with local establishments and join organizations to further spread your reach.

Learn Your Craft

You can’t become an influencer if you’re not good at what you do. You can’t simply rely solely on passion.

If you’re an interior designer, for example, take color consultant training and get a certificate to prove your worth to your audience. Let them see that you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, they’ll move over to an influencer who is more knowledgeable.

Have a Set Price

Once you start gaining followers, businesses will approach you for sponsorship deals. This is the main draw of becoming an influencer. However, you shouldn’t settle for the lowest bid.

Know your worth and charge accordingly. Don’t go beyond your minimum limit, but don’t charge more than what you should. Base your prices on the number of followers you have and the kind of work you do on social media.

Engage With the Audience

At the end of the day, your followers make you a successful influencer. You can’t call yourself one without the loyalty of the people who appreciate everything you do on social media. Don’t ignore these people and work hard to engage with them.

Like and reply to their comments. Share or highlight the best ones.

When someone says something negative, don’t immediately fight back. This shows you can keep a cool head and properly manage sticky situations.

Events and Contests

Sometimes, you need to offer incentives to grow your following. Don’t do it often because you’ll gain one-time viewers/visitors who only popped in for the chance of winning something. Give your loyal subscribers or followers a higher chance of winning any contests, such as giving them twice the number of raffle entries for a giveaway.

Contests can also help make your account or posts viral. Come up with a unique hashtag and mechanics that require people to share and spread your brand.

Become One of the Top Social Media Influencers

Now you know what it takes to become one of the top social media influencers today. There’s a strong focus on knowing important metrics, staying consistent, and putting out good content.

Did you find this guide informative or entertaining? If you’re looking for more, feel free to dig into our library of guides right now. We cover health and fitness to technology and more!

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