Why You Need Home Business Insurance

As a home-based business owner, you need home business insurance. This may seem counterintuitive because if you’re running your business from home, then you likely have some form of home insurance. Shouldn’t that be enough to protect your business assets in case of a disaster or incident?

In this article, we explain why personal insurance isn’t enough to protect your home business. Further on, we delve into why home business insurance is necessary for every at-home business owner.

Keep reading to learn more and ease your small-business worries today.

Why Personal Insurance Isn’t Enough

Most personal insurance policies either provide minimal coverage for or don’t extend to business assets. This means that if you’re the victim of a home robbery, your insurance will cover personal losses.

Your insurance policy will not cover anything taken from your home office or workspace. This includes anything you use to conduct your business, such as your work computer or specialized equipment. If you don’t have the means to do your job because you can’t replace your stolen work equipment, then that puts you and your small business at a severe disadvantage.

Your personal insurance policy will also likely not protect you and your at-home business from lawsuits and liability claims. As a small-business owner, you likely don’t have the funds to pay for a lawsuit.

If a client or employee is injured while doing business in your home, then they’ll likely sue you for damages. This could lead to you losing lots of money and even your business.

Be Prepared in Case of Failure

We’ve all experienced the sadness that comes with seeing your favorite local store close down. No business owner likes to think about it, but every business owner needs a game plan in case their business goes under. Operating a business is risky and business owners stand to lose all the time, money, and effort they put into their business if it goes under.

Businesses fail all the time! According to Small Business Trends, an average of 32.4% of new businesses fail within the first two years of opening.

Failed business owners are often left in debt and in need of money. Home business insurance can protect you from this outcome in the event you have to close your business.

How Home Business Insurance Helps You

These situations seem scary but can be avoided when you buy a home business insurance policy. If you work from home but don’t run a home-based business, then home business insurance may not be for you.

Visit for more information on how you can insure your home business today.

Protect Your Home Business

You can ensure you have proper coverage for your home and workplace when you buy home business insurance.

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