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Ten Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better At Night

You must have heard and known by now that if you do not sleep well or adequately, your health suffers, and in the long run, you will have to bear the brunt of it. Lack of sleep can have a direct impact on your ability to concentrate and memory.

In addition, it can result in weight gain and might make it harder for you to step out and head to the gym.

Unfortunately, you may be committed to completing your recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, but despite that, you may find yourself turning and tossing in bed when the lights go out. Well, if truth be told, you are not alone. Studies suggest that one in every three adults suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia.

However, making small changes in your diet can certainly go a long way. So, here, in this article, we will share with you some foods that can help you sleep better at night. So, let us get started and address these foods one by one.


Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium and can certainly help you sleep better at night. Only an ounce of almonds has about eighty milligrams of magnesium in them. This is adequate to satiate twenty percent of your daily almond requirement. There is sufficient evidence that suggests that magnesium-rich foods do help in muscle relaxation and induces sleep.

Maria, who offers one of the best full-stack developer courses in our country, states, ‘I consume about 5-8 almonds before my bedtime along with some warm chamomile tea. The duo has helped me sleep so much better in the past few years.’

If you do not enjoy unsalted, raw almonds, you can instead take some almond butter, put it on a banana, and enjoy it as your bedtime snack.


Figs are an excellent magnesium source, and as we have already discovered, magnesium does go a long way in helping us sleep better. Further, magnesium-rich foods better your sleep quality and improve the length or the duration of your sleep. It is majorly because of the rich fiber content in the figs that can keep you full for longer and prevent any night-time cravings.

Dark chocolate

‘I have a sweet tooth. But instead of snacking on some unhealthy desserts, I eat two small cubes from my giant dark chocolate bar after dinner, and that does help me sleep better,’ shares Hannah, an online reviewer who did the best pressure assist toilets review.

Well, that is absolutely correct, Hannah! Dark chocolates are undoubtedly one of the most sleep-inducing foods. They have a rich serotonin content, which has a tremendous calming impact on our nerves and mind. Consequently, they can help you enjoy a better good night’s sleep.

However, this does not mean that you need to load up on the chocolate. Moderation is the key; if you consume it in excess, it might present a severe negative impact on your health and body.


Cherries are also believed to be one of the best melatonin-rich foods. Melatonin is the chemical that controls the body’s internal clock. Further, consuming tart cherry juice can also bring in a drastic improvement in your sleep quality and better the length of sleep you get.

So, if you have been experiencing insomnia or other sleep-related issues, you can consider adding some cherries and tart cherry juice to your diet.

‘Earlier I used to take melatonin capsules to overcome my jet lags, but now I just carry a big bowl full of cherries with me, anytime I travel. Trust me, when I say this, cherries help better,’ comments Steve, an online reviewer who did the review of best spinning reels under 50.


Bananas are an excellent potassium and magnesium source. These are considered natural muscle and nerve relaxers. Further, bananas also contain Vitamin B6. These convert tryptophan in the bananas into serotonin. Serotonin is a brain chemical that betters your sleep quality and uplifts your mood.

So, if you have been dealing with insomnia, make banana your pre-bedtime snack, and you can see the difference.

Soy foods

Soy-rich foods, such as edamame, miso, and tofu, have a high isoflavones content in them. These compounds help boost serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is a brain chemical, which impacts the body’s internal clock. Studies suggest that adults who consumed at least two servings of soy in their diet slept longer and better.

Barley grass powder

Another powerful sleep-inducing inclusion in your diet is the barley grass. It is a rich source of tryptophan, potassium, and calcium. Further, barley grass also has Gamma-Aminobutyric in it. It is a chemical produced in the brain and is also found in plants. This chemical prevents insomnia and improves sleep quality. 

‘I use the barley grass powder in my salad dressings, smoothies, and soups for snacking. But to help me sleep better, I add it to plain water and consume it before bedtime. This night routine change has surely helped me with my sleep quality,’ comments Agustya, an online reviewer who did the best t liners review.

Chamomile tea

There is a definite reason why so many people prefer consuming a warm and relaxing cup of chamomile tea. As far as the foods and drinks that can help you sleep better are concerned, you cannot ever go wrong with chamomile tea. Over the years, chamomile tea has been used as a wholesome remedy to lower anxiety, inflammation and cure insomnia.

Further, this tea has a calming impact on our minds and is associated with an antioxidant known as apigenin. Apigenin works in the same manner as sleeping pills. It activates the GABA neurotransmitters in the brain.

Hence, after drinking a cup of chamomile tea, you will most definitely will more relaxed. It will also better your sleep quality. The best thing is, unlike the sleeping pills, you can consume chamomile tea for the long term, and it will bring in no negative implications.  


The glycemic index in rice is pretty high. Hence, rice can lower the time it takes for you to fall asleep. However, of all the variants available in the rice, it is the jasmine rice, which has the best sleep-inducing properties.


Dairy, especially milk, contains tryptophan amino acids. This has excellent sleep-inducing properties and helps you sleep better. Tryptophan increases the melatonin content in the body. Melatonin is a component that betters your sleep cycle.

Further, a warm glass of milk also has a soothing impact and will certainly help you sleep better.

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