6 Future Trends Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence! There was a time when everything was manually done, and then the technology came. And ever since, a human hasn’t looked back but kept moving forward. In the past couple of decades, human dependence on technology has only increased.

With the automation of various devices, everything seems to be easier and more accessible. Complexity is just a word now. Various technologies have successfully reduced these complexities to a minimum.

Ever since the introduction of AI, i.e. Artificial intelligence, the IT sector has only seen the boom. AI technology is our present and future. Every new device, innovative or updated ones, is coming with AI technology. We may not realize it, but today the world is revolving around this AI technology.

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From simple household tools to manufacturing machinery, from recreational devices to scientific or research systems, everything has AI technology. It seems that with time, AI technology will replace all things. At first, it seems quite tricky, but I believe it, and it’s the future. Some of the following said points might give an image of what’s coming next.

  1. AI and household hardware – household hardware is also coming with AI technology. Thermostat showers, taps with movement sensors, tap heaters etc. This shows us the potential and scope of integrating everyday household devices with AI technology.
  2. AI and household electronics – now we have lights which can turn off on a clap, we have fully automatic washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioner and even the ceiling fan, everything has some or other function run by AI technology.
  3. AI and driver less vehicles – ever think of riding a car without anyone to drive? No, we are not talking about the taxi. It is possible. Today we have many vehicles which can run on their own. We have heard of autopilot mode for hydroplanes, but now there is an auto-drive mode for cars also. See driver less cars because they are driven by AI technology
  4. AI and factor of production – gone are those days when capital and labor solely used to decide the level of production. Now we have one more factor to consider if we want to enjoy the maximum production level, i.e. AI technology. Robots are widely used in various industries for manufacturing purposes. They have already replaced many of the manually done activities efficiently.
  5. AI and research – technology has always helped in conducting research. And artificial intelligence has only proved that it’s a cherry on the cake. AI helps in the collection, segregation, analysis of real-time data. Real-time information helps in speeding up the pace as well as provides more reliability to the research conducted.
  6. AI and decision making – it helps in research is a vital role that makes it a tool for decision making. It helps explore all the alternatives efficiently and effectively, which saves a lot of time and enables the user to take a fast and practical decision.
  7. AI and recreation – many people, need someone to talk to. But this term has changed from someone to something. It means there is no need to find a person whenever you feel lonely. Many AI-based chatbots are in the market, which helps people to kill time amusingly. Japan has recently launched robots based on AI technology which acts as a real-time companion whenever they feel lonely. 
  8. AI and customer service –  conversation marketing is the future of marketing. With AI-based chatbots, it has only taken a step ahead. These chatbots can give solutions to the multiple queries of the consumer efficiently with the minimum or no aid of a human agent. So this marketing segment has a lot of potential for AI technology development.
  9. AI and defense – many countries are using AI technology to develop different weapons and warfare goods for their countries protection against the evils of the world. And in the defense sector, AI has proved to be the best helping hand.
  10. AI and rescue operations and the first line of defense – AI-based robots are widely used during rescue operations. During COVID-19, many robots were used to diagnose or treat patients to avoid direct contact and spread the virus. These practices show immense opportunities for the development of AI in this sector.

The above-said points highlight the sectors which are using AI technology and are enjoying the fruits of it today. But these examples are only glass from the ocean as AI has a lot more to offer and is currently in its developing phase.

Impact of AI on future

Indeed AI has a lot of growth potential, and that will only make our life easier and faster. With this development rate, the market needs more talented young people to contribute to this new industrialization era. There will be more opportunities for AI developers. AI technology will replace almost every task which is done manually or needs human assistance. This will create more demand for certified artificial intelligence experts.

On the other hand, what about those laborers whose tasks will be replaced by this technology. There would be mass firing, and it may lead to chaos. So we need some regulatory measures to safeguard the small laborer’s from being jobless. We need institutions to provide artificial intelligence certification to its employees and workers.

Skilled and certified workers will only add to production and development. This doesn’t mean that the need for human assistance will cease to exist. It only means that we have a lot more to explore and expect from the future.

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