Devil’s Dyke: Nature, Hiking, and Spectacular Views Near Brighton

Devil’s Dyke is a lovely and stunning place to head for hiking, nature, and views of Brighton and surrounding areas. This is something that you should plan to spend a whole day doing, but you will not regret this break from being in the city for the day. The walks are often strenuous, but they are not impossible, and you can pick and choose from different hiking distances as well.

If you love to hike and you want to see some stunning views, this is the activity for you to enjoy. Few parts of the UK are as beautiful as this area, and Devil’s Dyke won’t disappoint. 

As you explore this truly scenic area, make sure you’re not carrying too much. Head to a Brighton luggage storage to drop things off ahead of time. You’ll be happy you did.

What is Devil’s Dyke?

This area near Brighton is a Natural Trust-protected site that is five miles north of Brighton. This area was likely formed over 10,000 years ago, and the stark beauty of this area cannot be compared to anywhere else in the UK. There are lots of walking paths to enjoy, and you can pick and choose from various climbs to marvel at the view, or you might want to head across the valley to see the entire span of the South Downs here.

There are also the remnants of an Iron Age fort here, along with the leftovers from a funfair that dates back to the Victorian era. These abandoned areas are perfect for taking pictures but are no longer manned or cared for by anyone. The pub that is located in the park area is not owned by the National Trust, but it is a great place to sit down for a meal and a pint to rest in the middle of your walkabout.

Enjoy beautiful carpets of flowers, a picturesque valley, and lots of insects and wildlife. This is one of the starkest yet pretty areas in the UK, and coming here is one of the main goals of many adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. The sunrise and sunset are quite lovely here as well, so you might consider staying in Brighton so that you can make the most of these hours of the day when the area is at its most impressive.

Devil’s Dyke walks for everyone

1. The Circle

Walking on the high ground above Devil’s Dyke is the easiest, and many people can access this walking route. You will still benefit from some very impressive views without having to huff and puff too much. This is an area that is often dry as well, so you should not have to struggle through mud or other less-than-ideal surfaces to be able to make the most of the views. This is the best family-friendly option for walking here.

2. 1.75 Mile Path

There is a nearly two-mile walk (as you might have guessed from the name) that takes you over the hills and up to some really pretty views rather quickly. This walk is pretty steep in some places, but this is the ideal option for those who are in a hurry to benefit from the views. This is one of the most well-known and popular walks, so you will probably not be alone as you are traversing this route.

3. Walk Through the Valley

If you want to make the most of the view and then also see the pretty valley beyond, this is the walk for you. You can choose to walk the shorter course, which is just over two miles in length, and the path heads away from the other routes that you can walk. You will head up to Fulking Hill on this course and be walking away from the car park.

4. Valley Loop

If you want to continue through the valley, you can traverse the entire distance of the valley clockwise. You will be able to avoid steep climbs on this side if you wish, but you could also opt to make the whole loop and come back up the far side of Fulking Hill. There is a pub in Fulking which might be the perfect break as you make this longer walk.

5. The Long Way Around

This route will take you west from the car park and have you walk across the top of Fulking Hill for some of the best views of all. This is the longest route but offers the best views for most people’s purposes. There are fewer steep climbs on this walk, but it is more of an endurance journey with rolling hills and continuous effort that is necessary to make the most of your hike.

Other Things to Do

Many people bring mountain bikes to this area to ride the moderately challenging trails. Runners also delight in the stark, challenging terrain that is perfect for trail running. Many kinds of people can find things to do and enjoy in this lovely nature park that is open year-round. 

Make sure that you plan to stay on the circular loop if you are traveling with older people who are worried about having to climb steep trails or if you have small children with you.

If you don’t want to do an actual hike, take the time to view the fort and funfair, or take a picnic and set yourself up for an hour or two. If you forget your picnic supplies, there’s always the pub.

Devil’s Dyke is teeming with natural beauty

Devil’s Dyke is a great place to visit if you love hiking, mountain biking, or even bird-watching. Many people enjoy coming here to take pictures of the scenery from well above Brighton and the coast. You can enjoy access to a unique experience in nature, and you might also want to wander over to the pub to have a pint and a bite to eat. There are livestock hanging out near the trails, and there are lots of people walking their dogs if you are missing your pet at home.

Devil’s Dyke can take you the better part of the day to see and enjoy, so make sure that you don’t cut your trip too short when you head here.


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