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Trump’s Facebook Profile Gets ‘Ally’ Status From Ohio College Professor

When it comes to Facebook, a Trump fanatic’s fervor over the president and his policies is palpable. Many of his supporters are self-described as ‘Allies of Trump’ and make coordinated comments about his opponents. One example is a recent post made by Julie Andrews, an independent college professor in Ohio. Andrews saw Trump’s Facebook profile and commented, ‘I can’t believe Facebook put him back up!’ trump facebook 700k contreras

trump facebook 700k contraras

In the past week, a Facebook post by Donald Trump has generated a lot of discussion. The post, which was intentionally blocked for a long period of time, was meant to encourage protests and reflect the final chaos before the president leaves office. However, many critics still haven’t agreed on what the post actually meant.

Andrews, an Oklahoma resident who is unemployed, spotted the post when she was reading her news feed. Andrews wrote on her blog that she couldn’t believe Facebook had put the post back up. She believes that because the post is old, people are reading the old post and believing that it’s new. This makes them think that Trump is now allowed to resurface in a new way. As of today, there are still a lot of comments on the page despite the fact that Trump no longer has a presence on it.

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