Top 10 IT Consulting Firms In New York

We’ve listed 10 of the best IT Consulting Firms in New York if you want to be in the thick of things. Therefore, begin your journey here if you want to work for a consulting firm in NYC.

But watch out—New Yorkers are a unique breed. How do we know they believe they are the center of the universe? They appear on our calendar when it is set to West Coast time. Who resides outside of New York City?

Despite the jokes, we adore New York City. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a New Yorker, recently relocated there with the desire to rule the consulting world, or are simply looking for some top-notch information on the top IT Consulting Firms in New York.

What about  IT Consulting Firms in New York?

Are you looking for some of the best stores in New York? To view our  IT Consulting Firms in New York, scroll down. Please start the drums as we enter the main event.

RisingMax Inc.

Global software engineering company RisingMax takes a very humane approach to problem-solving.

Using our 7 years of experience, global teams of highly skilled engineers, in-depth knowledge of the various industry sectors, and ongoing technological research, we assist clients in developing custom software that enhances their operations and opens new markets. We work with clients at any scale and platform and adapt with them as they grow because of our People First philosophy.

We base our business decisions and how we build relationships on several profoundly human values, including curiosity, empathy, trust, honesty, and intuition. These qualities allow us to develop lasting relationships with our clients and offer them high-value, high-quality solutions.

Major Services

  • Software Development & Technical Support on Demand
  • Infrastructure and system modernization
  • Quality Control for Cybersecurity Services
  • Support Management Support Management

Centers of Competence

  • Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented or virtual reality, Metaverse Development Services
  • Blockchain and Big Data Analysis of the Business
  • A form of computing known as “cloud computing” utilizes the Salesforce / CRM, QA Automation, DevOps, and IoT. Performance Assessment
  • Testing for usability and security
  • WebRTC/Video/VoIP

McKinsey & Company

The McKinsey headquarters is at 55 E. 52nd St., 21st Floor, in New York. New York is now home to McKinsey & Company’s largest global office, which was established in 1926. (more than 500 consultants call it home).

Furthermore, the region is home to over 3000 alums, many of whom are CEOs and business owners. The office is incredibly multicultural with employees from more than 35 different countries and 29 different languages.

McKinsey New York’s main sectors include financial services, healthcare, advanced electronics, aerospace and defense, and TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications). McKinsey’s New York office received a perfect rating for the 16th consecutive year.

Suffescom Solutions

The second place goes to Suffescom Solutions, a well-known IT consulting firm in New York City that has worked with numerous clients and is still doing so. The business serves both blue-chip corporations and startups’ IT needs.

Web app development, mobile app development, and blockchain app development make up the depth of its services. Without a doubt, Suffescom Solutions merits this position due to the variety of services it offers.

Ecommerce, real estate, healthcare, fintech, and other sectors are among its supporting industries. The company boasts of having served more than 800 clients, completed more than 1200 projects, has a team of over 150 tech experts, and has a wealth of experience spanning 7 years.

It provides services like taxi dispatch, food and medication delivery, grocery and alcohol delivery, marketplace solutions, and more.

The business employs a customer-focused strategy to deliver high-quality projects with high expertise. Suffescom Solutions, a reputable IT consulting firm in New York, maintains a transparent model and keeps clients informed until the project is successfully finished.


The headquarters of PwC, another prominent company in NYC, is located at 300 Madison Avenue. The mothership of PwC oversees a network of 83 offices nationwide.

The New York office primarily focuses on initiatives involving financial services, fashion & retail, cybersecurity, and other industries. Employees at PwC get to mingle with some of the creme de la cremes of the company, including Deloitte, whose big brass hang out in the NYC offices and enjoy a better work-life balance than those at the other Top 3 firms.

The office can be quiet on weekdays and even Fridays because working from home is allowed as long as the job gets done. PwC provides a lot of flexibility, particularly with its excellent vacation and holiday policies. The staff in the NYC office tends to be younger and more inexperienced.


Tata is an international software consulting company that combines business insight and technological expertise. In 1968, it started in India.

Tata is a well-known consulting, application development, infrastructure support, and business outsourcing service provider.

A company’s cognitive business uses technology to ensure the best outcomes and minimize costs. And enhance working capacity to increase productivity. Additionally, clients of Tata can customize solutions to meet their unique requirements.

EY Consulting 

EY Consulting is headquartered in New York and is situated at 5 Times Square, right in the middle of everything, just like Deloitte and PwC.

EY is making strides in consulting after acquiring Parthenon. Before Parthenon, consulting and advisory were interchangeable at EY (not strategy). Performance Improvement, Risk, and IT are a few central advisory practice areas. Parthenon adds a fresh perspective, and the company’s New York office takes on strategy projects for various industries.

Although the emphasis on skills training is typically not as intense, we’ve heard that the environment at EY is significantly better than that at Deloitte. It is more collegial and focused on personal development. If you are interested in SAP consulting, new products have recently occurred there; if so, this is the place to be right now and probably for the foreseeable future.


Although the company’s headquarters are technically in Chicago, the New York office—one of the most prominent consulting offices in all of New York—is considered a second headquarters. The address of this New York office is 1345 Avenue of the Americas. The office is not as wealthy as many of the top firms, which hurts it in our eyes. It is ironic for a large global firm to have an office that needs a facelift while Accenture’s international image team is seated there.

Public services, products, and, unsurprisingly, the financial industry are the main sectors served by New York. On 11 Broadway, Accenture has a much smaller, unofficial office that is nearly secret. The Broadway office is home to a few dozen technology consultants who serve the financial services sector.

Analytics, high-end IT, BPO, healthcare, marketing & sales, media & communication, finance & risk, cyber security, and financial services are some of their functional areas. Over the last seven years, the NYC office has expanded significantly. There are endless career opportunities for employees, a great work environment with coworkers (many of whom are tech geniuses), fantastic benefits, and competitive pay. The New York office, on the other hand, is not for people who don’t want to work because there is a lot of work here that is divided among teams, and finding a work-life balance is difficult. So start young, work hard, and then move on!


Advisory is a leader in the field of digital transformation as an IT consulting company New York. Clients from all 50 states as well as from around the world are supported. The business provides comprehensive IT services to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Additionally, to address issues as needed, it provides services like remote help desk, security & strategy audits, endpoint security, mobile device management, network management & support, and more.

The company wants to give businesses a solid IT foundation and increase their global presence. Additionally, the client endorsements support our research and the decision to list it among the best IT consulting firms in the USA.

Power Consulting utilizes best practices, technology, and processes to help them overcome business challenges and can boast of having more than ten years of experience.

Booz Allen Hamilton

It’s not surprising that this company, which has been around for more than a century, is well-known in New York. BAH’s New York office, located at 1095 Avenue of the Americas, provides a wide range of services but primarily focuses on cybersecurity, information technology, modeling and simulation, organization and strategy, and systems engineering and integration.

In essence, a lot of technical people work in a back-end-focused office. The office is known for high utilization, a ton of work, and relatively low pay for NYC compared to its peers. However, it frequently sponsors lively extracurricular entertainment and provides an abundance of food and drinks at its events. At Booz Allen, much of the consulting work is focused on the government; if that’s not your area of interest, it will be uninteresting and not a good fit for you. Although it is a federal holiday (yay! ), there aren’t many opportunities for you to work in the private sector.

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group includes another well-known software consulting firm. In 1963, Bruce Henderson founded it in Boston, Massachusetts. The management, strategy, and technology consulting services BCG provide are renowned for assisting businesses in solving their most challenging issues.

There is no denying that the business has talented staff, excellent client service, and excellent opportunities for career advancement. Through its core values, BCG works hard to uphold the highest standards of business ethics, create a productive and devoted workforce, and improve the world.

Additionally, clients receive assistance from cutting-edge practices like artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and digital transformation tools.

BCG is the best IT consulting firm globally because it has access to a large amount of data and a global team of technology experts. This aids clients in utilizing corporate culture, seizing opportunities, and initiating changes.

IBM Global Business Services

Unlike most other sizable professional service companies, IBM’s headquarters are located in the suburbs rather than the city center. Given that Big Blue’s historical area of expertise has been technology, its core services naturally center on IT infrastructure. They include analytics, mobile implementation, customer service management, cloud computing, and cybersecurity services.

It is a very technical office, and most of the staff’s strategy work is diagnostic pre-sales to support IBM’s implementation services. Despite being one of the best places to work in the NYC consulting scene, the future for IBM employees is uncertain. The company recently had to reduce the number of employees in the US, Asia, and Europe, with a startling 700 high-tech jobs lost in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Final Thoughts on the Leading Software Consulting Firms

As you can see, many people believe that in the 4.0 generation, technology will rule the world. Any company that wants to expand quickly needs to implement IT.

As a result, you must discuss the technological strategy for your company. Given their strong market stocks and inventive use of technology, the top software consulting firms mentioned above are probably at the top of their respective markets.

However, if IT is used effectively, it can lead to never-before-seen organizational changes. Therefore, prospective clients should consider each consulting service carefully before selecting the best one.

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