Starter’s Guide To Playing RuneScape

Do you want to start playing Runescape? You’re not alone. Runescape actually has over a million subscribers playing their game, which has been around since the beginning of 2001.

But, how do you get started playing successfully? Read on to learn how to play Runescape.

Create Your Account

First, you’ll need to create an account. You should decide whether you want a paid or free account. With a paid account, you’ll have more features available to you, including different skills and quests.

However, you’ll be able to upgrade later if you’re enjoying your time playing Runescape.

Get The Right Funds

Next, you’ll want to ensure you have the right funds. You may want to consider purchasing bonds, which can give you more perks. Otherwise, try collecting as many coins as possible. If you’re having trouble, the RunescapeGoldMarkt can help you out.

These aren’t the only in-game currencies you need, however. Some Runescape currencies that are used in specific situations include:

  • Archery tickets
  • Eco-tokens
  • Chimes
  • Beans
  • Dungeoneering tokens
  • Zemomarks
  • Trading sticks
  • Runespan points

There is also event currency for specific occasions. No matter what type of currency you find, make sure you put them in your bank ASAP so you don’t lose them when you die!

Do the Tutorial

When you start playing Runescape, you’ll have to begin by completing the tutorial. This will help you understand the controls, so you’ll be able to enjoy playing the game right away. So, pay careful attention while you’re completing the tutorial.

Start Skilling

Building up your skill level is the best way to get started in Runescape. You’ll probably want to start with the various battle skills so that you don’t accidentally die. Some of the different battle skills include the constitution, attack, strength, ranged, and magic.

After that, you can start experimenting with some of the other available skills, such as divination, fishing, runecrafting, dungeoneering, smithing, or woodcutting.

Do Quests

Quests are one of the most important aspects of playing Runescape, so make sure that you don’t neglect them. Quests can provide you with specific quest points, along with extra experience and other prizes. Some of the most popular Runescape quests include:

  • While Guthix Sleeps
  • Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf
  • Cook’s Assistant
  • The Great Brain Robbery
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Another Slice of H.A.M.
  • Quiet Before the Swarm
  • In Search of the Myreque
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat
  • Defender of Varrock
  • The Tale of the Muspah

Some quests are harder than others, and some have different requirements. So, you’ll have to slowly work your way up to finally completing all the different quests in Runescape.

How To Play Runescape: Now You Know

What are you waiting for? Not that you know how to play Runescape, it’s time to dig in and start playing.

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