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San Antonio Web Design: What Is A Landing Page?

The landing page of your website is basically the contact that you have between the people visiting your website and your website itself and this is considered the first point of entry of these new potential customers to your company website. When you work with a trusted web design company near San Antonio, TX, you would have an effective landing page and cause the people to do what the specific goal of your landing page is. This is San Antonio web design: what is a landing page?

What Should Be Included in a Landing Page in San Antonio

1. Limit or remove the extra navigation

You have to use your landing page as a way to encourage some of your visitors to take specific actions, and it only should be used for such. You would want the people visiting the page to stay on the page until they have done the thing you want them to do and when you leave some form of navigation on the page could lead them to wander to another part of your site.

2. Do not use your homepage as your landing page

When people look at your homepage, there is already so much messaging and extra stuff that if you use it as your landing page, the people who are visiting your website are most likely going to feel lost. This also means that you should not use your product page as the landing page either. 

3. Keep your objectives clear and simple

You have to make sure that your landing page is clear and simple. Make them understand why that page is popping up on their screen, and what they would have to do. You have to limit the number of links, images, media, or videos on the page, only putting them when it is completely necessary, and make sure the whole page is organized. 

4. Some of the elements that should be seen on a landing page

  • A headline
  • Sub-headline (optional)
  • Description of what is on the page
  • One supporting image
  • A short video
  • Supporting proof (testimonials, security badges, or customer logos)
  • Call-to-action button or a form

What Are the Benefits of a Landing Page?

1. Promoting some of your new products and new services

Using your landing page to promote some of your company’s new products and services is a great way to promote them since it is the first thing people would be able to see when they click on your website. So you should create a dedicated landing page where you would be able to feature these products and services.

2. Generating more leads and conversions

When you put some compelling and downloadable assets with some forms that people who visit could fill up, then it would be able to help create more qualified leads. Having all of these qualified leads would also help in having higher conversion rates. 

You could get a fair tradeoff when you swap some contact information, so making some dedicated pages that are downloadable is a great strategy that you could do to identify some of your possible leads in sales.

3. Building your credibility

When you have a reliable, problem/solution type of landing page, then it would be able to really build more credibility for your business as a whole because it could be a form of proof that you know what you are doing, and you are knowledgeable in the type of niche you are a part of. And this could show them why you have this long track record of success, showing them that you are not just all talk the talk, but you could definitely walk the walk.

4. Putting up a good first impression

When people find your website, the first thing that they are most likely going to be seeing is your landing page. This means this would be the first experience that your visitors would have on your website, and possibly your company as a whole. 

It could be considered the front door of your business, so having a landing page that is well-crafted would be able to help set up their first impression of your products and services. 

5. Direct and to the point

If you have a great landing page then it should be direct and to the point, making sure that it is concise and it has a clear layout. When you have a direct landing page, then it could be really refreshing to the people who are there to just find a solution to whatever their concerns are. 

You could use the landing page as the perfect place that people could use for communicating to them the core of your messaging as a brand.

How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business in San Antonio, TX?

If you really want to grab your visitor’s attention, then the landing page of your website is something you have to put a lot of attention on. It is an effective way for you to introduce your website, products, and services to the people who are visiting the site, effectively showing them the style and feel of your brand and the relationship you have with everyone else.

People would get the first impression of your company the moment they see your landing page, and in that one second that their eyes land on their screen, they are going to make the important decision to either stay and further interact, or exit the webpage and go to another website. 

With landing pages, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to diversify your strategy around all of these different objectives by promoting your products and services, closing more sales, and reaching a new market. It could also improve the effectiveness of your content marketing, and build more credibility for your own business and products.

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