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What are the Best Food Recipes in the World?

As you know we don’t travel to all the countries of the world to taste the best recipes. But we can taste the delicious recipes around the world by making them at home. Here on Flames of Trend, we tell you the best food recipes in the world.

Every country or city has its own taste so you must try their food, you will feel like you are touring their beautiful culture. So the best food recipes are:

Here are the best food recipes in the world

  1. Crispy Fish & Chips
  2. Irish Spiced Beef
  3. Onion soup
  4. Clam chowder
  5. Texas-style barbecue

Crispy Fish & Chips

The dish is named crispy fish and chips, as you can assume by the name that this dish is presented with chips and fish.

Basically, this dish is made by the British first, they made it in the pubs. They fried the fish with the ingredients in it. And serve it with the crispy and yummy chips.

Now, what is the recipe to cook it?

You have to take streak fries, salmon fish fillets, some horseradish, cheese, mustard, salt, bread crumbs, sauce named Worcestershire.

These are the all ingredients, with the use of them you can cook it and feel the British culture.

Irish Spiced Beef

The founder and the first cook are the Irish, Irish which makes the meat so tender full. In the whole world, Irish people are also the people who know how to cook beef with so much tenderness in it.

So as you know the old people of Irish used to cook it like that when they have a big ceremony in their houses.

Now how to cook it and what is the recipe behind it?

First, you have to have fresh beef steak, sea salt, onion, leaves, pepper, cloves, some ribs if you like, carrots, and some beef broth.

Onion Soup

The most delicious special of special dish of the country of French. Is the onion soup of the French. The soup is cooked with onions. The onion is cooked slowly under the fire. You need to cook this food with a lot of patience.

What are the ingredients you need to cook it?

The ingredients are as followings:

You need butter, olive oil, sliced onion, beef broth, pepper according to your taste, most importantly french bread, cheese which is near you, Parmesan cheese, and also swiss cheese. These are the best ingredients to cook Onion soup you can go back to the street of France.

Clam Chowder

People of the united states used to make it, this is the finest of finest and delicious of delicious dish you can say. Basically, people of England use to cook it, it is also a soup dish by the US. People.

The ingredients are so easy and this dish is easy to cook, it is similar to Onion soup but it takes less time taking to Cook Clam Chowder.

To cook this you have to take, a slice of bacon, no salty butter, garlic, dried thyme, milk, potatoes, kosher salt, parsley leaf need to be fresh, some more vegetable’s which you like in the soup dish as well.

These ingredients will be the best to cook the best food recipe in the world.

Texas-Style Barbecue

The great style of Texas is to cook the meat in a smoky way. There is different type of meat pieces in the dish of Texas Style BBQ.

Meat is used to cook the food, you have to make the sauce which is mixed to meat

Ingredients to make the sauce are as follows:

Apple vinegar, garlic cloves tomato ketchup, chili powder, mustard, lemon juice in it, and some onion which must be chopped.

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