Indications Of Drain Problems And Drain Relining

The signs of a damaged drainpipe that needs relining are not to be neglected and it calls for an urgent solution, but if you’re not vigilant or unaware, then you’ll end up costing yourself a stable house. With many high-level buildings and extensive property, such a populous city like Sydney must be well equipped to meet such issues both immediately and in the long run.

Undertaking drain relining in Sydney is a big task, especially since it costs money, time and will uproot your life for a few days. But, knowing when you need to call in a professional is the first step to reducing the amount of work required.

Signs Your Drains are Damaged

A damaged drain is the worst thing that can happen to your home or street. They stink, cause a mess, and are inconvenient at the very least. Not to mention, they can uproot your whole property in the process. Before things can get out of hand, look for signs of a damaged or broken drain.

Signs of Dampness

When a drain collapses, the flow of water is disrupted. It starts draining into the ground around the pipe and leaks through walls and floors. When it starts to show, you’ll see signs of degradation, fungus, mould, and more on your floors. It can be especially damaging if you have carpeted floors!

Poor Performance

A damaged drain is a poor performing drain. If you find that the drains are slower or poorer, there might be a block or crack somewhere. If you want better performing drain pipes, then you’ll need to fix them completely.

Before you can think about fixing the drain, you’ll need to have a professional survey the drains to pinpoint where and what the problem is.

Sewage Backups

It isn’t unheard of for a drain to be backed up by sewage or a collapsed pipe. A collapsed pipe might cause regular blockages and backups, and that will need to be fixed immediately. A professional will need to be called in to inspect the damage, figure out what’s causing it and offer a solution.

Cracks and Structural Damage

In the worst case, there are cracks and structural damage to the pipes themselves, especially if the pipes are cracked under the structural points of the property.

The cracks won’t just be on the pipe but along your walls and floors. It’s a sure sign that significant damage needs to be rectified before it’s too late.

If you have drain pipes running under concrete like a driveway, then check for bigger cracks. Investigate the source of the cracks and don’t just fix shallowly.

A crack along your floor and walls is also a sure sign that the damage will cost you. Not just inconvenience and time but financially.

If you choose to ignore the cracks, they will get bigger and costlier to fix.


If you’re not sure about cracked walls, damp floors, and poor drains, then the smell will alert you to a broken or damaged drain pipe. There will be a distinct odour of sewage that you cannot ignore either around the problem or in your house.

Usually, this is fixed up by cleaning the blockage; if it persists, there’s probably more damage.


An extreme sign of drain blockage is the ground sinking over time. You’ll see the ground subsiding over time, and not taking care of it will lead to further structural damage.

It’s caused by water leaking from a drain pipe for a long time. As the water seeps into the surrounding ground and soil, there will be a visible indentation in the ground.

Subsidence is a sure shot sign that the problem needs to be fixed immediately. It’s best to call a professional to suggest options such as drain relining.

Wrapping Up

If you’re worried about a crack in your walls or the way your carpet is growing mould, then call a professional soon. It might just be your drain pipes leaking everywhere, and that’s not okay.

Instead of having your property dug up, you can opt for drain relining in sydney to minimise the property damage and improve the efficacy of the work done.

No more damaged pipes for you!

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