Staying Safe In The Sun: Why You Need Insurance For Summer Camps

Summer camp is a time-honored tradition that millions of kids participate in annually. Time at camp is time outside and away from the all-too-ubiquitous screens.

If you’re running a summer camp, you spend lots of time doing great things for kids. One of the most important things you do is keep kids safe while they’re in your care.

Part of protecting the kids is understanding all the risks. While you do your best to keep everyone safe, now and then accidents happen.

Your summer camp is a business and, like any business, needs insurance protection. Insurance for summer camps is crucial.

Keep reading for information about why you need insurance for summer camps.

Kids Fall

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for kids 15 and under? Almost 3 million children end up in the emergency room each year for injuries related to falling.

Swimming, horseback riding, and sports are all activities with the potential for accidents.

Falls happen and kids fall a lot, especially when running around playing sports and other games. Don’t leave your camp business unprotected, make sure you have insurance for summer camps!

Parents Fall

Parents come and go when dropping kids off and picking them up. Do you have visiting days? What if a parent slips and falls on the pool deck and breaks a wrist or needs stitches?

A general liability insurance policy covers the costs. The policy also helps cover costs if the parent sues the camp.

Expanding Your Summer Camp Business

A liability policy does more than protect your campers and business. It also helps when you decide to make much-needed additions to your camp.

Do you need a loan for a camp addition? Most banks require a general liability policy to protect their interests.

Types of Insurance for Summer Camps

Your camp insurance policy should have additional coverages depending on your camp’s needs. Other types of coverage include:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Umbrella insurance policy
  • Sports insurance
  • Crime insurance
  • Directors and officers liability

Every camp’s insurance needs differ depending on the types of activities offered. An agent can help you decide what types of policies are best for your summer camp business.

The Benefits of Summer Camp Insurance

When it comes to insurance for summer camps, there is no downside. The costs are affordable and much lower than the potential costs of not having insurance. There’s no excuse not to have good insurance coverage if you’re running summer camps.

One trip to the emergency room for one of your campers can cost thousands. An insect or animal bite could spell the end of your business if you don’t have sufficient insurance.

Be Proactive With Insurance for Summer Camps

Don’t leave your business to chance! Be proactive with insurance for summer camps. With full insurance protection, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in the event of an accident.

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