Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer Kegs

Whether you’re drinking cheap lager, real ale, or anything in between, we all know that it tastes the best fresh out of the tap. It’s no surprise that the US sold over 200 million barrels (400 million kegs) last year!

Well, you may have some questions about one of mankind’s greatest inventions, and luckily, we have the answers. Let’s talk about what you need to know about the great beer barrel, the notorious beer kegs.

Beer Kegs Are The Cheapest Per Serving

Let’s say you’re throwing a party or opening a restaurant that serves beer. The first thing to remember is that people love their beer fresh from the keg, which is why many breweries try to find ways to mimic draught beers in their bottles.

Well, no matter what the occasion is, if people are going to be drinking a lot of beer, then the keg is the best option. If you spend $100 on a 15.5-gallon keg, then you will be getting around 165 servings.

That works out to be around 60 cents per serving. Compare that to buying $15 12-packs at a time and you’ll understand how big of a saving that is. If you’re buying craft beer, the price may increase but $100 is a fair estimate for most mainstream lagers.

Kegs Used To Be Aluminum

Aluminum was the metal of choice for transporting beer, especially in kegs. This practice started right after the prohibition when it was common to use handmade wood barrels for transport.

However, the wood had to go and aluminum just wasn’t strong enough for the beating that kegs take. There’s too much pressure inside them, causing a need for a stronger material, which is why most kegs are now made from stainless steel.

How Do Beer Kegs Work?

Kegs are filled with beer that is no different from what you would drink out of a bottle. The reason that draught beer tastes so different is the tap, not the beer.

When beer is forced through the tap, it meets up with pressurized CO2 from the CO2 intake valve, increasing the amount of foam dramatically. If you want to learn more about how kegs work and what you need to set one up, go to draftbeerdispense.com for more information.

Kegs Make For Good Scrap

A typical stainless steel keg will weigh about 30 pounds when completely empty, making them valuable to scrappers. The price of scrap metal fluctuates very fast but if you catch it at $1 per pound or more, you can make an easy $30 back from your investment.

If you buy a keg at 60 cents per serving, sell each serving for $1, and get $30 back in scrap, you made a profit of $95 minus whatever you drank.


Now that you know more about the almighty beer kegs, you’re probably in the mood to party. Don’t panic, it’s a natural response. Go buy some beer in the cheapest and most delicious form, stay up to date with our latest news, and reach out to us with any questions!

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