The Solution To Your Sleep Troubles

According to CDC, as many as 44.1 percent of Americans living on the East Coast have less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Having so little sleep wreaks havoc on your body and well-being. As CDC further reports, adults who do not get enough sleep are prone to be overweight, exercise less, and engage in other unhealthy habits like smoking.

To break the cycle of sleeplessness, people turn to prescription sleeping pills or, more recently, take melatonin supplements. The problem with these options is that after taking them, you feel very groggy the next morning. It’s like having a hangover without drinking the night before. That is not a good alternative to a sleepless night. One product that promises a blissful night without the hangover in the morning is the broad spectrum CBN soft gels.

What is CBN?

CBN stands for Cannabinol, a substance found in the hemp plant.  Hemp is the same plant that delivers the more well-known CBD compound. Although CBN’s chemical composition is similar to THC (the component of cannabis and hemp that produces the “high” feeling), it does not produce any psychoactive effects. What it does instead is produce feelings of drowsiness in humans. It makes it possible for people living with insomnia to fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed after sleeping soundly for more than seven hours.

Best CBN supplement

Many CBN supplements are available on the market but beware of companies who spread false promises. Many high-quality companies create products using objective testing methods and the best extraction methods to meet the highest quality standards. The average broad spectrum CBN soft gels product aptly called Rest contains 750mg of nano-amplified CBN to increase bioavailability, so your body can absorb all the active ingredients.

CBN provides a natural supplement to get you to sleep and wake up without the side effects of prescription sleeping pills.

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