5 Different Types Of Facial Cleansers

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the US, with 50 million adults afflicted by it every year! Even if you don’t get pimples, you still might have some other skin conditions that prevent you from getting the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

The good news is, you can step up your beauty regimen by adding facial cleansers that’ll do the job.

Read on to find out 5 different types of facial cleansers you should try!

1. Gel Cleansers

Do you struggle with acne? Or do you just have very oily skin? Then you’ll want to use this type of product!

These are the best facial cleansers for deep cleans, as they’re formulated for tough jobs. They’ll get deep into your skin to get rid of excess oil and kill bacteria that cause acne. Your clogged pores will also open up!

2. Cream Cleansers

As you might’ve guessed from the name, cream cleansers are very gentle and hydrating. They’re great if you have sensitive skin and always experience irritation with facial cleansing products.

Also, if you want a double cleansing face wash, cream cleansers are perfect for the job. They don’t strip your skin of its natural oils so they’re ok to use for double cleansing.

3. Foam Cleansers

Are you looking for something that’s in between gel and cream cleansers? Then foam products are the best cleansers for you!

When you first pump the product out, it’ll be a cream or gel. But once you work it into your skin, it’ll turn into foam, which will effectively remove excess oil from your skin.

Foam cleansers are good for people with combination skin types. They’re also excellent to use if you often wear layers of makeup or sunscreen.

4. Oil Cleansers

You should get oil cleansers if you have dry skin. They’re formulated so your skin gets hydrated but doesn’t retain excess oil!

Oil cleaners are also great at removing dirt on your skin and unclogging your pores.

The result? Smooth, clear skin that’s free of excess oils!

5. Micellar Cleansers

Micellar cleansers have exploded in popularity in recent years. These are products that have oil molecules in soft water, which means they’re super-gentle on the skin!

These oil molecules attract makeup, oil, and dirt, so when you pat it onto your skin, they effectively clean it. What’s even better is, there’s no alcohol in it, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin!

An added bonus is micellar cleansers tighten your pores. So your skin will look absolutely amazing!

Which Types of Facial Cleansers Will You Try?

Now that you’ve learned about the types of facial cleansers out there, which ones will you try? The key is to experiment, as each person’s skin is unique!

We wish you luck and hope that you’ll find the best product to add to your facial cleansing routine so you’ll have flawless skin!

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