Top 10 Spanish Slang Words You Should Know About

Did you know that Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world? It also has the second most native speakers of a language.

But, many different countries in many different parts of the world speak Spanish. With that in mind, every area uses the language a little differently, with some of their own slang words built into the language.

So, what are some Spanish slang words? This is some Spanish slang that you should know.

1. Mano

The literal meaning of this word in English is hand. However, in some Spanish communities, the word is meant as “homie”.

If you hear someone call you this, think of it as someone calling you a good friend or even a brother.

2. Cotilla

In English, this translates to “gossip”. However, particularly in Spain, this is used to describe someone who likes to gossip.

So if you hear this in passing, it can mean that someone is talking about someone else that gets involved in everyone’s business or that talks a lot about other people.

3. Chucha

This can have different meanings depending on what part of the world you are in.

For example, chucha in Spanish can mean “dog” in Guatemala but in Peru, it is slang for “vagina”. So, it is best to know what this means in the part of the world you are speaking this in.

4. Caray

This is shortened from the word “caramba” in Spanish, and the English translation means “damn”. So, whenever you say this word to express frustration in English, the Spanish people are doing the same!

5. Mierda

This can be two for the price of one when it comes to Spanish slang because it can mean two of the most popular curse words in English. Depending on how you use it, it can mean “shit” or “fuck”.

6. Mula

Mainly a slang word used in Guatemala, this translates to “dumb” or “stupid” in English. So, if you hear somebody say this towards you or someone near you, they are thinking negatively of that person.

7. Wey

This can be a complicated one because it is another slang word with two meanings, depending on where you say it. Unlike mierda though, they are opposite meanings.

The first meaning is “dude” and the other is “idiot”. So, do your research on this one for how people around you use this word.

8. Mucha Mierda

This is a little different than just mierda above but it connects to the first meaning of it. This translates to “a lot of crap” in English, so it is related.

However, in Spanish slang, it is used to say “break a leg”.

9. Coche

This is another word where you need to be careful where you use it. Coche means “car” in a lot of places but in Guatemala, it is slang for “pig”.

10. Vale

A more positive slang word, the literal meaning is “it’s worth it” but is often used to say “ok”, “yes”, or “let’s do it”. So, if you ask a Spanish girl out on a date and she responds with this, you have a yes answer!

Learn More Spanish Slang Words

These are just 10 of the Spanish slang words in the unofficial Spanish slang dictionary. If you are trying to learn the language, study a few of these too along with formal words so you can fit in more informal social conversations.

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