Men’s Style Tips For Dressing For Special Occasions

Since it only takes people a tenth of a second to form a first impression of you, you need to make sure that you project your best self. This is especially true of work events and special occasions where you’re looking to impress people who matter.

Rocking a well-tailored suit and high-end accessories is the first step towards making this happen. Read on to learn some men’s style tips that will ensure that people make an amazing snap judgment upon meeting you.

Choose the Right Suit Fit

There are many different types of suits that you can choose from. The best one for you entirely depends on your needs and the personal brand that you’re looking to project.

Single-breasted vs double-breasted suits are the first thing that you should look into. Generally, you’re going to want to go with single-breasted jackets that have 2-3 buttons on one side and none on the other. These are the most popular suit style, which makes sense since double-breasted alternatives look a bit old-fashioned.

You also will need to determine whether you want a suit with a slimmer cut vs one with a wider or looser cut. Slim-cut suits are ideal for skinnier men that want to showcase their confidence in both their physiques and their intelligence. Loose cuts are a bit more modest and fit nearly every body shape.

Ensure Quality Materials

Before making a purchase, make sure that the vendor specializes in high-quality suits for men. Purchasing something at a thrift shop or department store might be inexpensive, but the cut is unlikely to fit your body appropriately. You’ll need to take it in if you’re committed to looking good, which will cost more than investing in a well-made suit.

Suit Secret allows you to get this high quality while still helping you maintain a budget. The materials are of the highest caliber and include polyester/rayon blends for durability and breathability. These suits last a long time without wear and tear.

Choose an Undershirt

Once you have your jacket ready to go, it’s time to decide on an undershirt. In most circumstances, this means a button-down with a collar. This is where you get the most freedom to express yourself.

If you’re going to a more formal or high-level event, you probably want to stick to the basics. Neutral tones such as white, gray, black, and navy are amazing choices for men who want to exude power and professionalism.

However, if you’re just going to work or headed off to a semicasual outing, you can likely get away with brighter colors. Light blue, yellow, and even hot pink are popular options for men looking to express themselves.

You can also get a patterned undershirt (assuming that your tie doesn’t clash with it). These are great options because they’re so diverse. From stripes to plaid to little patterns that look like fruit, nothing is off-limits.

Select Accessories Carefully

We brushed upon taking care to make sure that your tie doesn’t match your undershirt, but this is easier said than done. The general rule is that your blazer needs to either match with your tie or with your undershirt.

If you have a black blazer and a black button-down, you can get away with a sunny yellow tie. However, if you have a black blazer and a yellow polka-dotted undershirt, you need to invest in a plain black necktie. Never use a patterned tie if you have a button-down in anything but a solid color. It will become too busy if you aren’t careful.

Speaking of matching, it’s also critical that your belt and your shoes don’t clash with each other. This means that you need to invest in accessories made from the same materials. A plastic belt isn’t going to look amazing with leather shoes.

You also should make sure that the belt/shoe combo has the same color and sheen. Black shoes pair with black belts and brown with brown. If either your belt or your shoes have a polished or glossy look, the other must have the same texture.

It’s also best if your briefcase material matches your tie and shoes. However, you generally have a little more wiggle room here since people rarely expect you to own tons of briefcases in multiple colors.

Choose Smaller Accessories

While there are restricted combinations for other suit accessories, you have a lot of leeway with pins and cufflinks. You don’t always need to wear a lapel pin, but many men like to as an expression of their personal style. You can choose just about anything here assuming that it’s work-appropriate and is the same color metal as your cufflinks.

Speaking of cufflinks, choosing these accessories is one of the best parts of dressing up! You can get them in tons of different shapes and sizes. Many men select cufflinks that contain a colored stone that matches their tie.

Make sure that, like your entire outfit, your pin and cufflinks match your personal style. It’s important that you’re conscious of the image that you project into the world and make it your own.

More Awesome Men’s Style Tips

While knowing how to dress at any given event is a challenge, having proper men’s attire for special occasions is essential. Just make sure that you have high-quality clothes that fit your form and your personal style.

Now that you have the best men’s style tips for every occasion, it’s time to learn more about projecting an air of confidence and sophistication. Check out the ‘lifestyle‘ tab on our home page for more ideas on how you can look and feel your best!

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